Köszönjük hogy jelentkeztél a Kódolás Órájának megtartására!

The Hour of Code runs during December 9-15 and we'll be in touch about new tutorials and other exciting updates as they come out. In the meantime, what can you do now?

As a special thank you to Hour of Code organizers, we have a new poster set featuring Malala, Stephen Curry, Shakira and more available to order at a 50% discount from Amazon. This year, each set comes with 6 posters and 126 "I did the Hour of Code" stickers. With the discount you'll get them for less than our cost to make them. Supplies are limited, so order your posters soon. If you're not in the United States, you can download and print all posters.

1. Spread the word in your school and community

You just joined the Hour of Code movement. Tell your friends with #HourOfCode!

Encourage others to participate with our sample emails. Contact your principal and challenge every classroom at your school to sign up. Recruit a local group — boy/girl scouts club, church, university, veterans group, labor union, or even some friends. Nem kell az iskolába járnod ahhoz, hogy új készségeket sajátíts el. Invite a local politician or policy maker to visit your school for the Hour of Code. Ez az egy óra képes növelni a számítástechnika oktatás támogatását a saját térségedben.

Use these posters, banners, stickers, videos and more for your own event.

2. Keress egy helyi önkéntest, hogy segítsen az esemény során.

Search our volunteer map for volunteers who can visit your classroom or video chat remotely to inspire your students about the breadth of possibilities with computer science.

3. Plan your Hour of Code

Choose an Hour of Code activity for your classroom and review this how-to guide.

4. Stock up on swag

Order materials to help get students excited about your event by heading to the Code.org Amazon store. Order posters (and get an extra 50% off), Hour of Code kits, stickers, and more! But hurry, supplies are limited.

Go beyond an Hour of Code

An Hour of Code is just the beginning. Most of the organizations offering Hour of Code lessons also have curriculum available to go further. To help you get started, we've highlighted a number of curriculum providers that will help you or your students go beyond an hour.

Code.org also offers full introductory computer science courses translated into over 25 languages at no cost to you or your school.