How to involve your entire school district

Every school in your district can take part in the largest learning event in history.


1. Recruit local schools

Share this email and teacher how to guide, or include a short blurb in newsletters/district communications.

2. Provide a sample logistics plan for schools

Share this sample logistics plan with schools to give them ideas of how to organize whole school participation. It’s as easy as doing it in every math class, homeroom period, or rotating throughout the week through the computer lab.

3. Share on social media

Post to Facebook or Twitter. Or share one of these inspirational pictures and quotes from world leaders, or stats.

4. Promote on your district’s homepage

Let visitors know about your participation and Hour of Code events. Link it to Hour of Code.

5. Host a district Hour of Code event

See our event how to guide for a sample run of show, media outreach kit, and other supports.

Hour of Code之後有什麼?


  • 鼓勵學生繼續於網上學習
  • 參加一日工作坊,讓經驗豐富的電腦科學主持人親自指導你。(只限美國教育工作者)