How to organize an Hour of Code assembly or event

Get your entire school or community involved in an Hour of Code!

1. 準備你的活動

  • 決定場地、日期、與時間。
  • Send a letter to your local mayor, member of Congress, governor, or influential business person and invite them to speak. Check out our how-to toolkit when hosting an elected official during an Hour of Code for more info.
  • 邀請新聞媒體等,例如地方新聞台、報紙、教育與科技部落客。請參考我們的 新聞稿

2) 活動進行時

  • 以一個我們的勵志視頻為你的活動揭開序幕
  • 使用這些統計資料與圖表,透過概覽來介紹計算機科學的重要性。

  • Other event ideas:

    • 邀請當地的行業領導者,討論他們涉及到計算機科學的工作。
    • 邀請當地的官員,讓學生們教他們編程。
    • 讓學生展示不插電活動。
    • 讓學生教老師編程。
    • 如果你的學校已經教授或計算機科學,那麼就讓學生做一下示例項目吧。

3. 分享進度

Share pictures of your event on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #HourOfCode.


Consider hosting a K-5 evening event and invite parents to join their students for an hour of computer science. This is a great way to engage the larger community and encourage parent support for computer science at your school. Our partners at Family Code Night have created an all-in-one event kit with planning checklist, presenter’s script, invitation emails, posters, powerpoints, and more to run your own event. Click here to download the Event Kit.

Example plan for a school assembly or event

Event: School-wide Computer Science Education Week kick-off assembly

Date: 12 月 3 日 (start of Computer Science Education Week)

Time: During the school day. Mid-morning event preferred. Approximately 1 hour.

Location: School assembly hall (e.g. theater, gym, cafeteria)


時間 活動
上午10:00-10:05 Open with one of our inspirational videos.
上午10:05-11:15 校長用數據和信息圖表就計算機科學的重要性做開場白。
上午10:17-10:30 特邀嘉賓談談他們的背景以及科技和計算機科學如何在他們的日常生活中起到重要作用。
上午10:30-10:40 打破常規,讓學生演示編程一小時,讓他們來教校長,政客或者其他的學生。
上午10:40-11:00 學生演示不插電活動,如何在沒有電腦的情況下也可以教大家電腦科學。
上午11:00-11:05 組織學校範圍內活動的老師致閉幕詞。