How to plan your Hour of Code



尝试编程一小时是向学生(也许是第一次)介绍计算机科学的简单而有趣的方式。 找一项适合你的环境的活动,无论是课堂上还是课外,面对面还是虚拟。 如果你在查看以下步骤后仍有问题,看看我们的参与指南

1. 观看编程一小时指南视频

2. 探索活动和教程

We provide a variety of fun, student-guided tutorials for all age groups and experience levels. It’s popular for students to try self-led tutorials, though many activities include lesson plans for teachers to guide discussion or extend the activity as well.

Explore the activities and decide ahead of time if you want to choose a single tutorial for all of your students, or let each child pick their own.

3. 制定一天的计划

Think about your technology needs - computers are optional!

  • 要获得编程一小时活动的最佳体验,需要一台联网的电脑。 But you don’t need a computer for every child, and you can even do the Hour of Code without a computer at all! For unplugged activities, simply filter the Classroom Technology section to show options for “No computers or devices”.
  • 在学生计算机或设备上测试这些指南,确保它们在播放器上的声音和视频能够正常运作。 Have low bandwidth? Plan to show videos at the front of the class, so each student isn't downloading their own videos. Or try the offline tutorials.
  • 如果教程包含音频,那么应提前准备耳机,或者让学生自带耳机。
  • Don't have enough devices? Use pair programming. 学生之间搭档之后,他们会互相帮助并减少对老师的依赖。 他们将明白编程也是一种社交和协作。

Pick a day and time

在计算机科学教育周(12月5日-11日)期间,世界各地的人们参加编程一小时庆祝活动,届时会发布最新的教程和活动。 But you can do an Hour of Code any day of the year!

4. 推广你的编程一小时

Now that you've planned your event, it's time to start promoting it!

Tell your School and Community

Promote the Hour of Code to other teachers who may want to join in on the fun! This is also a great opportunity to reach out to your school’s PTSA or share in parent newsletters, letting them know their children may come home wanting to try more activities and tutorials!

Let Volunteers Know by Registering Your Event

当你注册编程一小时活动时,你将收到有用的电子邮件通讯,其中包括新闻和举办成功的编程一小时活动的提示。 It’s also how you can let local volunteers know your school is participating. Volunteers are a great resource and can come speak to your class about computer science or simply help your students with Hour of Code activities.

Get your Students Excited

Lead up to the event by sharing inspirational videos highlighting diverse people and creative ways that computer science can be used. 或者为你的班级打印励志海报! Students are more excited to participate in a subject when they see people who look like them encouraging it.

Learn more about posters, videos, stickers and other ways to promote your event to your community.

5. 如何稳健地开始你的编程一小时

Once your Hour of Code celebration has arrived, make sure you start your event strong with some of these tools and tips.

Invite a local volunteer to inspire your students by talking about the breadth of possibilities in computer science. There are thousands of volunteers around the world ready to help with your Hour of Code through either a classroom visit or video chat with your students!



  • 通过男孩和女孩们都关心的例子,介绍科技如何影响我们的生活(比如拯救生命,帮助人们,连接人们等)
  • 让全班一起来列出每天生活中用到编程的地方。
  • 这里查看帮助年轻女性对计算机科学感兴趣的提示。

6. 获取编码!



  • "我也不知道。让我们一起来找到问题的答案吧"。
  • “科学技术并不总是同我们期望的方式一样工作。”
  • “学习编程就像是学习一门新的语言(事实上就是-我们一直都将学习编程称作学习编程语言,你现在学的这种叫Blocky?);你不会马上就说得很流利。”


7. 庆祝学生的成功

  • Print certificates for your students.
  • Print "I did an Hour of Code!" stickers for your students.
  • 在社交媒体上分享关于您的编程一小时活动的照片或视频。请使用 #HourOfCode 和 @codeorg,这样我们也可以突出显示您活动的成功 !



计算机科学不必以 “编程一小时” 结束! 学习如何 将 CS 带给您的学校和学生。