How to teach one Hour of Code with your class

参与活动,并用下面的步骤向学生们介绍他们第一个小时的计算机科学。 编程一小时的课程哪怕是对初学者来说都非常容易上手! If you'd like an extra set of hands to help out, you can find a local volunteer to help run an Hour of Code in your class.

Take a look at our participation guide if you still have questions.

1. 观看指导视频

2. 选择教程

We provide a variety of fun, student-guided tutorials for all age groups and experience levels. Students do the activities on their own, though many activities include lesson plans for teachers (you'll see the link when you click the activity) to guide discussion or extend the activity.

3. 推广您的编程一小时活动

Promote your Hour of Code with these tools and encourage others to host their own events.

4. 您所需的教学设备——电脑不是必需的

要获得编程一小时活动的最佳体验,需要一台联网的电脑。 但您并不需要给每一个孩子提供电脑,您甚至可以在没有电脑的情况下开展编程一小时课程活动。

在学生计算机或设备上测试这些指南,确保它们在播放器上的声音和视频能够正常运作。 担心网速不好? 可以在课程一开始就集中播放全部视频,这样学生就无需自行下载这些视频资料了。 也可采用线下离线的教学指南内容开展授课活动。


电脑不够?采取搭档合作编程的方式。 学生之间搭档之后,他们会互相帮助并减少对老师的依赖。 他们将明白编程也是一种社交和协作。


Invite a local volunteer to inspire your students by talking about the breadth of possibilities in computer science. There are thousands of volunteers around the world ready to help with your Hour of Code through either a classroom visit or video chat with your students!


It’s okay if both you and your students are brand new to computer science. Here are some ideas to introduce your Hour of Code activity:

  • 通过男孩和女孩们都关心的例子,介绍科技如何影响我们的生活(比如拯救生命,帮助人们,连接人们等)
  • 让全班一起来列出每天生活中用到编程的地方。
  • See tips for getting girls interested in computer science here.

6. 编程!

Direct students to the activity

When your students come across difficulties it's okay to respond:

  • "我也不知道。让我们一起来找到问题的答案吧"。
  • “科学技术并不总是同我们期望的方式一样工作。”
  • “学习编程就像是学习一门新的语言(事实上就是-我们一直都将学习编程称作学习编程语言,你现在学的这种叫Blocky?);你不会马上就说得很流利。”

What if a student finishes early?


7. 庆祝





  • Encourage students to continue to learn online.
  • Attend a 1-day, in-person workshop to receive instruction from an experienced computer science facilitator. (US educators only)