Get your community involved in the Hour of Code


Tell your friends about the #HourOfCode!

2. 請你的學校提供全校性的一小時玩程式活動

Send this email to your principal and challenge every classroom at your school to sign up.

3. 請你的上司一同參與

Send this email to your manager or company's CEO.

4. 在你的社群推廣一小時玩程式活動

Recruit a local group— boy/girl scouts club, church, university, veterans group, labor union, or even some friends. You don't have to be in school to learn new skills. Use these posters, banners, stickers, videos and more for your own event.

5. 詢問當地的政府機構以支持一小時玩程式活動

發送信件給您當地的代表、市議會或學校董事會,並邀請他們來為參觀你們學校的一小時玩程式活動。 It can help build support for computer science in your area beyond one hour.