Як провести «Годину коду» зі своєю дитиною

Trying an Hour of Code is a simple and fun way to introduce your child to computer science, perhaps for the very first time. Not only is computer science foundational to all fields of study, but recent studies show: children who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are 17% more likely to enroll in college.

You and your child can join tens of millions of students worldwide in this global event. Together, we can inspire kids to learn, break stereotypes, and help children discover a newfound interest. Best of all, you already have everything you need to bring the Hour of Code into your home!


Register your Hour of Code

Start with a commitment to doing an Hour of Code with your child by registering. When you register your event, you'll receive helpful emails with news and tips for hosting a successful Hour of Code. You'll also be put on the map so you can show your child that they are part of a global movement.

Before Hour of Code

Register your event

Оберіть свою діяльність

Цього року темою Години коду є творчість зі штучним інтелектом (ШІ). Незалежно від того, чи це кодування нових застосунків та алгоритмів, генерування унікального мистецтва чи створення хореографії, щоб змусити нас танцювати, ШІ відкриває нові можливості для цифрового самовираження, які розширюють наше розуміння творчості. Зробіть цей рік особливим, виконавши вправу з програмування ТА дізнавшись про штучний інтелект.

По-перше, дослідіть сотні вправ з програмування і виберіть одну на основі віку вашої групи, досвіду, інтересів тощо. Ці вибрані заходи містять штучний інтелект як ключову тему чи урок.

Then, learn all about AI. Students can watch short videos featuring experts in the field, and there are accompanying lesson plans to extend the activity and guide further discussion.


Починайте кодувати!

Direct your child to the activity and get to work together. They may encounter challenges—that's okay! Learning to program is like learning a new language; you won't be fluent right away. Computer science is all about learning how to "debug" situations that didn't turn out the way we thought they would. Together, you and your child can think of creative ways to solve the problem!

Day of Hour of Code



Be sure to celebrate success! Share photos and videos of your Hour of Code on social media. Use #HourOfCode and @codeorg so we can highlight your success, too!

You can also print a certificate for your child to show off their achievement!

Друк сертифікатів

Help spread the word

Help us spread the word in your community with these email templates.

After Hour of Code

  • Ask your child's principal to host a school-wide event. When 300 or more kids participate, you can receive a special engagement kit with t-shirts, posters, laptop stickers, and more. Share your whole school event plan to qualify.
  • Ask your employer to participate by hosting a company-wide event or encouraging other employees to host their own Hour of Code event.

Beyond Hour of Code

Extend learning beyond one tutorial.

Keep the excitement going with these suggestions:

  • Show them an inspirational video that features one of their favorite role models.
  • Learn all about how AI works, and why it matters.
  • Order some swag! Share it with your child right away to get them excited or save it for the end of your Hour of Code as a special prize.
  • Learn how to bring CS to your school today.
Go beyond the Hour of Code

Поширені запитання

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Які вимоги для проведення Години коду?

The Hour of Code is simple to run — even for beginners. You don't need experience in computer science or teaching in order to inspire students to explore, create, and learn something new.

What devices do I need to run an Hour of Code?

Devices you can use:

  • Планшет
  • Laptop
  • Desktop Computer
  • Mobile Device

If you don't have a device at home, explore our unplugged activities to learn without any devices at all!

Інші ресурси Години коду

Promotional Resources

Find all the resources you need—print and digital—to bring attention to your Hour of Code.

Discover Activities

Explore a wide selection of one-hour tutorials designed for all ages in over 45 languages.

Як взяти участь

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