Get your community involved in the Hour of Code

1. Sprid ordet

Tell your friends about the #HourOfCode!

2. Be din skola att arrangera Hour of Code

Send this email to your principal and challenge every classroom at your school to sign up.

3. Fråga om din arbetsgivare vill engagera sig

Send this email to your manager or company's CEO.

5. Gör reklam för Hour of Code i din kommun

Recruit a local group— boy/girl scouts club, church, university, veterans group, labor union, or even some friends. Du behöver inte vara i skolan för att lära sig nya färdigheter. Use these posters, banners, stickers, videos and more for your own event.

5. Be dina lokala politiker stötta Hour of Code

Send this email to your local representatives, city council, or school board and invite them to visit your school for the Hour of Code. Det kan hjälpa till att bygga stöd för datavetenskap i ditt område efter Hour of Code.