Contact International Partners

Are you organizing an Hour of Code event outside of the United States? works with many organizations around the world to make the Hour of Code a global celebration. Did you know that in 2017, 60% of all Hour of Code vents occurred outside of the U.S.? Find out how you can get more people in your country involved!

If you're in one of the countries below, reach out to the partner listed and get connected with your local Hour of Code!

Don't see your country listed here? Write us at and apply to become an international partner for 2017!

Country Organization Contact Name Email or Website
Albania ALMOOC Ridvan Aliu
Isak Bilalli
Algeria Brainiac, SARL. Abdelmounaam Benhouria
Argentina Fundacion Sadosky
Aruba Aruba Digital Systems N.V. Viviana Carraha Aruba Digital Systems Hour of Code Contact Form
Australia Grok Learning Nicky Ringland
Australia Google Sally-Ann Williams
Australia University of Adelaide Rebecca Vivian
Australia Digital Technologies Hub
Brazil Lemann Foundation Tiago Maluta
Pedro Alves Cimionatto
Canada Dept. of Education Nova Scotia Alexander MacDougall
Eric Therrien
Peter Oldreive
Canada Learning Division BC Ministry of Education Mark Hawkes
Chile Fundación Kodea
China Kidsoft Sarah Tan
Denmark Coding Pirates Martin Exner
France Microsoft Béatrice Matlega
Ghana Ghana Code Club Ernestina Appiah
India Mozilla Indore Mrinal Jain
Ireland Cybersmarties Diarmuid Hudner
Ireland EXCITED Digital Learning Movement
Italy CINI and Univ. Roma "Tor Vergata" Enrico Nardelli
Japan 湘南ゼミナール (Shonan Seminar) Team Hour of Code
Japan 一般社団法人みんなのコード (Code for Everyone) 利根川 裕太 (Yuta Tonegawa)
New Zealand Ara Institute of Canterbury Amit Sarkar
New Zealand Google Sally-Ann Williams
Nigeria Tech Accelerate 'Tope Ogunnusi
Norway Lær Kidsa Koding Line Moseng
Oman Engineering Village Oman Wail Mughairy
Pakistan KnowledgeJump Nasir Khan
Poland UMK Torun Maciej M. Syslo (Lead Translator)
Romania ADFABER Alin Chiriac
Spain CSTA Spain Santiago Fernandez-Cabaliero
Sri Lanka Microsoft Janakie Karunarathne
Sri Lanka XiCigny Dileepa Rajapaksa
Sweden Edvira AB Linnea Rothin
Turkey RobinCode Gozde Erbaz
UK Microsoft email: