Hour of Code Special Events — Wyoming

  • (Guernsey)
    Family Hour of Code Event-December 5th Guernsey-Sunrise Schools will host a family coding event for all students K-12 grade. Beginning Session is 5:30-6:30 geared to students K-6 and then an intermediate/advance session for students 3-12 will be held from 7:00-8:00 in the High School Library
  • (Green River)
    Do You Want To Think Like A Computer Scientist event to be held in Green River, Wyoming.
  • (Laramie)
    We are hosting a Family Traditions night on December 5th, from 6-7 PM. Coding activities will be one activity available at the event.
  • (Cheyenne)
    We will be having members from our Department of Education, members from our community, and more here to help celebrate Hour of Code
  • (Cheyenne)
    Members from Department of Ed, community members, and more!
  • (Cheyenne)
    Members from the Department of Education, community members, and more
  • (Laramie)
    We will be hosting a Family Code Night as well as offering coding activities for every student in our school throughout the week. We are inviting members of our community as well as school district administrators and school board members to learn how to code. Students will be "teaching" the adults.
  • (Laramie County)
    This is the first year the Laramie County School District has adopted the Code.org program. This is initiative to get students prepared for Computer Science careers in the future. Hopefully this will stimulate Wyoming's economy by educating its youth to work in an industry revolved around technology.
  • University of Wyoming, College of Engineering and Applied Science (Centennial)
    Staff and students from the University of Wyoming, College of Engineering and Applied Science will be visiting schools in the following communities to engage K-12 students in "unplugged" computer science activities; Centennial, Hanna, Laramie, and Douglas. I