Hour of Code Special Events — Wisconsin

  • (Colby)
    This year, the fifth graders of Colby Middle School have classroom sets of Chromebooks for the first time. We are excited to introduce this amazing resource to all students with various needs in the mainstream classroom. This includes students with special needs and English language learners!
  • (Wausau)
    Hour of Code all week long with "stop, drop & code" activities.
  • (Delavan)
    Our entire School District will be touched by Coding over the next 2 weeks. Students are being challenged to discuss coding with another person ourside of the district and tracking how many people have been touched. Each school will have a "Blockly Thermometer" to keep track. We will track from Dec. 4- Dec. 17. 2017.
  • (Verona)
    We have coordinated a special event between our school and the local high school. Computer science students from the high school will visit K-5 classrooms and assist students and elementary teachers with coding projects.
  • (Fort Atkinson)
    All of our students in the entire school participate in coding activities during their library and technology skills classes. We will also be hosting our third annual Coding/Technology Family Night which will involve our entire school an their families. We invite families to learn coding activities with their children. This has been such a successful event the last two years and we are expanding the activities we are offering. We have partnered with our local high school and have their computer science students volunteer as well as have businesses in the community to help enhance our event each year.
  • (Milwaukee)
    120+ students from K5-5th grades will participate in an hour of code event. The event will include opportunities for the students to showcase what they learn in front of their fellow classmates!
  • (Wilmot)
    We will be doing Hour of Code for 1 week and our plan is to have our feeder schools participate with our high school students.
  • (Sun Prairie)
    December Family Fun Night Friday Night Lessons k- 5 throughout week
  • (Holmen)
    We will be looking to involve our building students and families on a coding night hosted at school where students and parents can code side by side. Along with the hour of code, we will incorportate activities that incorporate critical thinking and show how coding can be used in robotics as well as other tasks. We hope to highlight some parents/community members that utilize coding on a daily basis.