Hour of Code Special Events — Washington

  • (Tacoma)
    Will be used as a catalyst event for the grand opening of our Intervention Maker & Learning Space (a community event) & primer for our Summit Event (unleashing the STEM-4-All Movement) at NCCE in February.
  • (Quincy)
    High School students will work in collaboration with our Elementary School students.
  • (Lake Stevens)
    As a district, we do hour of code annually. Students look forward to learning and then applying their learning later on.
  • (Winlock)
    We are a very small and rural community and will have our High School and Middle school students that are in my Code.org class work with our Elementary students.
  • (Pasco)
    We are inviting community members to join us that have a background in computer sciences or coding to share their experience with our students.
  • (Odessa)
    Our OHS Computer Science students will host a community event inviting the entire P-12 School District, the community, and other people interested in The Hour Of Code in the greater Odessa, WA area.
  • (Seattle)
    The Hour of Code helps us bring the Opportunity Gap closer!
  • (Yelm)
    We are doing a district hour of code where all elementary, middle and high schools will host an event.
  • (Pasco)
    All schools in Pasco School District, Pasco, Wa are participating
  • (Issaquah)
    Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code is coming soon! We will celebrate Grace Hopper's birthday 12/9/1906, by participating in the HOUR of CODE across the Issaquah School District. We've planned a bunch of new opportunities for K-12 students, teachers, support staff, and administrators to get involved! I'm excited to share a quick preview with you now. 12/4 - Open house for administrators and admin office staff to learn about Hour of Code and the opportunities that schools are providing to our students. 12/4-12/8 - Schools participate in Hour of Code activities at their school sites 12/8 - Live Computer Science themed Webinars all day long. Sign-up for one of our different sessions featuring speakers from industry professionals to ISD school students.
  • (Yelm)
    We are doing a district hour of code where all elementary, middle and high schools will host an event. Primary contact for this event: kathryn_cullum@ycs.wednet.edu
  • (Federal Way)
    Event will include STEM workshops including robotics and engineering to showcase the power of coding.
  • (Tacoma)
    We will be doing a career fair in the morning of December 8th before lunch and hour of code school wide after lunch. the morning will include guest speakers, a business trade show, college/tech school information, tours of our local skills center in Pierce County, and a trip to the high school to check out CTE classes for our 8th graders. We value coding and career readiness!
  • 23javoortiz (Mount Vernon)
    because like I want to make games like billiard entertainment they made games like world of warcraft and hearthstones and even overwatch and strat craft. And 2 and 3 and, heroes of the storm because I fell like I can make I want to program and everything like that.
  • Bellevue School District (Bellevue)
    Our plans are to have all students PreK-8th grade participate in CS Ed Week activities and do at least an Hour of Code. http://www.bsd405.org/about/initiatives/k12cs/hourofcode/
  • Bothell Library (Bothell)
    This event is a part of a Girls Who Code Club.
  • Hand in Hand We Code (HHWC) (Sammamish)
    We are hosting: "CodeCraft 3D game to learn Python/JavaScript Special Event" using a new Hour of Code lesson. And also I'm going to introduce the whole learning program about CodeCraft by buzzcoder.com. I'm the writer of this lesson and some other CodeCraft lessons. https://hourofcode.com/bcpy2 https://www.facebook.com/handinhandwecode/ --Helen
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland)
    80-90 students from two high schools will participate in activities with Computing professionals from across the national laboratory around a theme of computing in disaster response. Goal of the event is for students to see the wide variety of careers in computing. scheduled activities include weather data with a Raspberry Pi, using the Circuit Playground as a tachometer (measure wind speed), a breakout room type experience solving puzzles (cyber security and disaster response with other computing clues), a virtual reality experience/tour and lunch with computing professionals.
  • Washington Elementary (Wenatchee)
    Members of the local community college will attend. This college is offering a 4 year degree in computer science. Also the Apple STEM Network, GWATA and the Wenatchee Education Association.