Hour of Code Special Events — Virginia

  • (Skipwith)
    My High School TEALS students will be going to both middle schools in our county to facilitate an hour of code. I have broken my students up into groups to see 5 classes at the middle school level. The students will introduce themselves to their class, tell why they signed up for Computer Science class, tell one assignment that they have enjoyed working on and why, get the students logged into an hour of code, and give them an exit ticket to have a reference as to how it went.
  • (Hopewell)
    Our entire school system is doing
  • (Norfolk)
    We have encouraged a parents to participate at home in the Hour of Code event, and we are going beyond the hour for the remainder of the school year.
  • (Chester)
    It will be something the students are not familiar with, so it will be new, exciting and engaging for them.
  • (Richmond)
    Our district events will use Clever, Google Classroom, and other online website to connect and include every student.
  • (Stafford)
    We are inviting all schools to participate in the hour of code. Computer Science students and Computer Science Honor Society students are teaching the hour of code in non-cs classrooms.
  • (Purcellville)
    High School Computer Science students will be coming to assist the Elementary Students.
  • (Berryville)
    We are going to have all of our schools participate. two Elementary, one middle and one high school.
  • (Richmond)
    Our entire Chesterfield County Public School system is participating in Hour of Code. Today, my classes of sixth graders are officially participating.
  • Center for Information Technology (Richmond)
    This will be a student planned, managed and lead event. High School students will host the event for middle school students.
  • Coderdojo NOVA (Fairfax)
    We'd love to have our event highlighted. Our HOC event will also feature the largest K-12 coding competition for students in grades 3-12, demos by local companies and associations, and special guests such as elected officials and high-profile coders in the DC Metro area.
  • Learn To Program, Roanoke (Roanoke)
    This session will be geared towards Educators and Parents that want to extend Hour of Code to the classroom and/or home schooling.