Hour of Code Special Events — Texas

  • (Nacogdoches)
    We have college students coming in to work with students on Coding.
  • (Houston)
  • (San Antonio)
    We are creating a coding club afterwards for those students that show an interest via flipgrid interview questions regarding our Hour of Code.
  • (San Antonio)
    Our 270 GT students within our school district will be participating in Coding during their GT service day.
  • (Texarkana)
    We will be including Kindergarten through 6th grade in our event. We will be plugged and unplugged as we kick off the CSI at our school!
  • (Sugar Land)
    I am the library media specialist at Drabek Elementary. All students K-5 will be participating in coding activities during the month of December.
  • (San Benito)
    My "Girls Who Code" Club will be having an event that is hosted by a non-profit organization called CodeRGV. CodeRGV's "Classroom on Wheels" will be visiting us on that day.
  • (Houston)
    We encourage teachers, administrators and parents to all join us in the hour of code. We are an online virtual charter school and most activities will be done asynchronously, but there will be hours offered synchronously for different levels to collaborate in their challenge with the hour of code.
  • (Robinson)
    We are providing hands on coding opportunities for students using various coding robots like Dot and Dash, Shperos, Ollies, Coding Caterpillars, and Sphero Minis.
  • (El Paso)
    The No Excuses University @ Schuster will host our 2nd Annual Family Code Night this Thursday from 4-6. Community members will come together to explore the world of programming!
  • (Austin)
    Our middle and high schools will all be participating in unplugged activities as well as online activities. We will go well beyond an hour. Some students will do 8+ hours!
  • (Montgomery)
    We will be including the school board as well as presenting at a school board meeting about the Hour of Code.
  • (Pflugerville)
    The entire district of Harmony Public Schools Austin will participate in an hour of code. This will be the second school year that we have participated in this capacity. Harmony not only codes for an hour during this week but we invite outside visitors to share their experiences in coding.
  • (Abilene)
    Activities for students/faculty/staff to choose from that are plugged in, hands-on, or unplugged activities. Complete one hour of activities to earn your Hour of Code button.
  • (Austin)
    We will be partnering with Google, Silicon Labs, and Conde Nast to bring provide mentors for our students.
  • (Fort Worth)
    For the second year in a row, we will team up with software developers from Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. to introduce and build on coding skills to our 3rd-5th grade students. Each student will have an opportunity to work side by side with real computer programmers and learn the importance of problem solving skills in the real world.
  • (Waco)
    CS Field Trip, which includes an Hour of Code with the HS students mentoring 6th grade students 12/06/17; CS Community Showcase on Tuesday, 12/05/17 6:30pm for the entire district (& during lunch for MHS students)
  • (Grapevine)
    Dedicated time period where teachers will teach hour of code lessons, and introduce opportunities in coding.
  • (Austin)
    Our students will have multiple opportunities to work further in coding throughout the year.
  • (El Paso)
    Our entire district, Ysleta ISD, participates in the Hour of Code Challenge. This will be our third year participating. At my campus, we offer additional time in the morning and afternoons for the students to code in the computer lab or to use their one-to-one student devices in the gym all week long. This year we have set up three level of coding to encourage student engagement. In short, level one earns them a certificate and badge; level two earns them a free dress day, level three earns them popcorn and drink party with the raffling of two Ozobots.
  • (Houston)
    Hour of Code is integrated in our daily Computer Science Classes.
  • (El Paso)
    Schools across our district will be participating in an Hour of Code event from Dec. 4-8. Our district media department will be visiting schools to take pictures to publicize this event on Dec. 6th.
  • (Little Elm)
    I am inviting our Mayor (of Little Elm) and every school in our district to participate.
  • (Canyon)
    CHS hosted all of the 4th graders from our feeder schools to participate in Hour of Code.
  • (Frisco)
    Our district is implementing this across all of the technology classes district-wide.
  • (Austin)
    University of Texas Computer Science students visit Perez Elementary to work on Hour of Code activities. We also host a family Evening of Code event to introduce computer science to the entire family!
  • (Clute)
    Brazosport ISD is a 1:1 district that provides a Chromebooks for each student in all grades, and all of our campuses participate in Hour of Code in some capacity. Our campus, Clute Intermediate, will be hosting a special week of Hour of Code activities including coding in each core class, a "Coding Cafe" before school, and the launch of our campus "Girls Who Code" after-school club. Students from our campus attend Brazoswood High School, and there are currently NO African American girls enrolled in computer science courses. Clute Intermediate is using our Hour of Code week to promote CS to all students, with a special emphasis on girls of color. We are a title I campus in an underprivileged area with 65% of our students receiving free/reduced lunch prices. We would love to be featured as a special event!
  • (Carrollton)
    Our Newman Smith Computer Science students will travel to McCoy Elementary to teach a coding lesson to elementary school students.
  • (Iraan)
    My high school computer science classes will be working with students at the Elementary school and the Junior High School to complete an Hour of Code.
  • (Austin)
    District wide Hour of Code Event
  • (Garland)
    We will host a week long Hour of Code across the district during the Computer Science Week, December 4-8, 2017.
  • (Friendswood)
    This will be a kick-off event for a Coding Club that will be help before school. This will also be the kick-off for my classes of identified gifted & talented students. We will then incorporate the Hour of Code into our weekly lessons.
  • (Boerne)
    Actividades en las que los estudiantes solo tiene que usar un aparato electrónico y su mente para crear cosas super increíbles!!!
  • Bluebonnet Elementary School (Fort Worth)
    Parents will be invited to join their students while they learn coding.
  • Commerce ISD (Commerce)
    We are hosting an Hour of Code competition for every student in our district. There are individual and campus prizes awarded for participation. Lat year, our winning student was a 4th grader who wrote over 400 lines of code in a week! We gave him a Dot and Dash Robot for his hard work!
  • Dessau Elementary School (Austin)
    Parents and the adjacent K-2 Primary & Middle Schools will join us along with invited community sponsors.
  • Dogwood Elementary (Porter)
    School district wide event for multiple grade levels, and a speaker is present.
  • Dove Springs Coding Academy by River City Youth Foundation (Austin)
    We are the Dove Springs Coding Academy by River City Youth Foundation. We are the only FREE year-round coding resource for low-income kids in southeast Austin. Our coding activities during this special week will inspire and provide access to children ages 5 to 17 who do not have technology at home. Coding is a beacon of light and hope in our community!
  • East Fort Worth Montessori Academy (Fort Worth)
    I am inviting police officers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, programmers, architects, and business owners to come out and talk with all of our elementary school students on how they utilize technology & computer science in their fields.
  • ESC-2 (Corpus Christi)
    We would like to include ALL of our regional schools in Hour of Code. We will promote the idea during our technology conference in November and offer to help facilitate in December via live events or virtual events.
  • Harlingen CISD (Harlingen)
    This is Harlingen CISD first year to really embrace the Coding revolution. We have now finally received endorsement from the Administration to start exposing and teaching our students the language know as CODE! We (the Teachers) are so excited that we are getting our students ready for the future!
  • John Doedyns Elementary (San Juan)
    The entire district is taking part in this.
  • Lancaster ISD (Lancaster)
    We will host an entire event throughout the district on December 5
  • Molly Pruitt Public Library @ Roosevelt High School (San Antonio)
    I am going to change up my teen time to include adults. My teens will show adults what the basics of coding looks like.
  • NASA (Houston)
    We are going to tell people to make a game base on NASA using code
  • New Caney ISD (New Caney)
    This event will involve the entire community and school district. We are a fast growth school district located approximately 30 miles north of Houston. Approximately 65% of our students of low SES. We are beginning our fourth year of 1:1 with Chromebooks for all of our students in grades 3-12 and participating in the Hour of Code. This has been game changing for our kids! It has literally opened the world for our students! All of our campuses do Hour of Code activities and we host one big culminating activity at our Community Room for students and parents in grades PK-12. It is awesome to see everyone come together for a couple of hours of coding.
  • Northside ISD After School Enrichment Programs (San Antonio)
    Our entire After School Programs will participate for an hour (about 10,000 students)
  • Park Glen Elementary (Fort Worth)
    We invite the parents to join their students during their hour of code time.
  • Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD (Pharr)
    The district will be involved in this year's PSJA Week Of Code (#PSJAcodes). Various events will take place and the RGV Tech Bus and PSJA Technology Clubs will be participating. All libraries will have events at their perspective campuses showcasing their school's coding endeavors.
  • Ronald Reagan Computer Science (San Antonio)
    I take over 14 of my AP and Pre-AP Computer Science High School Students and spend the entire day at two elementary schools. In our 4th year, we traditionally mentor over 350+ elementary students during our one-day Hour of Code events! Administrators and Teachers at all of our campuses support our efforts with rotating the elementary students through "Hour of Code Class Rooms" every hour, as well as making sure my own students do not get behind! It is a special event for both educators and students. We are excited about this year and cannot wait to get out there and inspire again!