Hour of Code Special Events — New York

  • (Oyster Bay)
    For the last 3 years we have been celebrating Computer Science as a community event by hosting every first Monday of December as "OBEN Night of Code." This event entire Oyster Bay East Norwich Community is invited to participate and celebrate CS through an "Hour of Code." We offer snacks and raffles after the event to encourage community participation and awareness.
  • (Amsterdam)
    My 4th grade classroom is partnering with the High School Science students to participate in a multi-age collaborative event. The HS students will be completing an Hour of Code on Wed. They will then take a bus to my school where they will act as mentors to my 4th grade students, guiding them through the Coding activity.
  • (Cortland)
    This is our annual kickoff event for coding. Students will continue throughout the year, using code.org, ozobots, and beyond.
  • (Queens)
    We are running special activities for the entire week during homeroom both AM and PM, lunch and after school. We will have students ambassadors that will visit classes, parent meetings and lunchtime coding to assist all students. Every 6th grade student takes coding once a week for the entire school year...they are doing amazing things!!
  • (Yonkers)
    We will have employees from IAC Applications work with my class. They will discuss Computer Science and careers in the field. They will also support my students as they do a course on hour of code
  • (Hempstead)
    All students are participating. Most students are coding in Spanish.
  • (New York)
    The Mickey Mantle Coders: We're a special education school K through 8th grade and all students will be participating in "Hour of Code" with coding activities, computer science Career Talks, and middle school special education students helping/pair coding with the elementary special education students.
  • (Bronx)
    KIPP Academy MS will host its inaugural Hour of Code event in celebration of Computer Science week. All students from grades 5-8 will participate in an Hour of Code lesson as well as actively engaged with members from the Computer Science community within NYC. This includes volunteers helping during the hour of code lessons and guest speaking/panel discussion for certain classes.
  • (New York)
    Unificar la intebsiobalidad y conocimiento creativo de los estudiantes que iopten participar en la hora del código.
  • (Larchmont)
    We have participated the last few years, We are apart of the Mamaroneck school district. All 6 schools participate in the hour of code where all children get to code during computer science week. We also involve the community where different workshops are held in the evening and also at our local libraries Mamaroneck and Larchmont. Some of our computer science teachers have even gone into nearby communities such as New Rochelle, NY to host Hour of Code at the local Boys and Girls club.
  • (Brooklyn)
    PPA students are increasingly exploring their inherent curiosity and demonstrating their collective creativity for all things tech through multifaceted and innovative in class technology instruction. During PPA's first official Hour of Code participation, students will persist through block and text based programming challenges to strengthen their skills and further develop their understanding of CS programming principles through independent and collective initiatives.
  • (Larchmont)
    The French American School of NY has an integrated coding and robotics curriculum grades k-12. In addition to regular coding lessons, the school will be celebrating the Hour of Code with a "Design a Game" theme.
  • (New York)
    Capital Prep Harlem School is filled with scholars that are intrigued with VEX IQ Robotics (one of our courses) and the endless venues of Coding. We will host an all day Hour Of Code where scholars will learn, investigate and explore the exhilarating world of Coding. In Capital Prep Harlem, we empower our scholars to learn and take leadership, hence our 8th grade Robotics Program scholars will be teaching the Hour of Code with Illuminator Supervision. Afterwards, the apprentices will become the teachers in Coding Parent Night.
  • (Brooklyn)
    We are in G4 change so many students will be designing their own game during our week long hackathon. We are in the United States but the country section is too slow.
  • (Greenburgh)
    We are a Pre-K-12 District that will devote the day to coding. We are inviting community members, specifically our local first responders, who will be taught how to code by our students
  • (Brooklyn)
    First Hour of Code event at P. S. 159 in East New York, Brooklyn, NYC. Students will be teaching other students, parents and hopefully elected community officials from the community how to code. We also plan to have another hour of code this school year in June. Teachers are excited to use An Hour of Code to increase their student self esteem.
  • (Latham)
    My four high school classes of Computer Science students will be going over to an elementary school in the district and teaching all the third graders some code for a morning. My h.s. students will also be running a promotion for that week for any high school students to come to our lab on their free period and learn some code.
  • (Rochester)
    Students in lower school will bring their parents for a family code night. Middle and upper school will do an hour of code school-wide, coached by students in computer science classes.
  • (West Nyack)
    Eighth grade students will peer mentor a mixed class of first, second and third grade students during the Hour of Code week.
  • (Fayetteville)
    Technology Committee will be hearing from teachers who had integrated coding in the classroom. Middle school students in addition to high school programming students will participate. 4th graders will be creating games for kindergarteners.
  • (New Hyde Park)
    I am the enrichment teacher for all 5 schools in my district and I will be engaging all of my students in the Hour of Code to introduce coding, We will then continue coding and programming throughout the year. I just ordered a set of Dash and Dot and can't wait to get started using them!
  • (Wellsville)
    The entire school district will be participating.
  • (Yorktown Heights)
  • (Brooklyn)
    Student who are in the coding after school club will help their fellow classmates learn to code.
  • Chappaqua PTA STEM Committee (Chappaqua)
    We will be partnering with Coditum to offer not only Hour of Code content but a more intensive Python programming 2-hour class for more advanced students. Older students will assist as teachers for this program!
  • Gilbertsville-Mt. Upton Central School (Gilbertsville)
    Family Hour of Code Elementary Students teach their Parents How to Code Saturday, December 9
  • Metro Community Development Corporation (Buffalo)
    This event will be held at an inner city community center. That is striving to provide resources to under resourced community.
  • Ossining High School (Ossining)
    This will be OHS' 6th annual Day of Code which will include Labs, Round Table Discussions, Coding and Robotics demos, and special guest speakers
  • Saratoga Springs Public Library (Saratoga Springs)
    Tuesday, December 5 from 11:00 - 12:30 Hour of Code for Adults! The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of people in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere, can participate in an Hour of Code. Code.org is the most popular coding platform in K-12 Education, but it’s not just for kids! It Uses a JavaScript library of commands called Blockly. From a menu, you will place building blocks on a webpage worksheet that will cause animated objects to move around. Hidden under the blocks you can view the JavaScript or code representing each movement. All levels of computer skills are welcome. Basic users will get practice with mouse and webpage navigation, more advanced users will have fun writing programs for video games and animations.
  • Tech Incubator at QC (Queens)
  • The Sunrise Association / Sunrise On Wheels / Sunrise STEAM Shack (New York)
    CHILDREN WITH CANCER PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL HOUR OF CODE NY, NY… When a child has cancer, they spend extended time in the hospital and out-patient clinics. Missing a tremendous amount of school due to their compromised immune system, they often fall behind their peers. In 2006, Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island became the first day camp in the world for children with cancer and their siblings, free of charge.  While Sunrise has brought back the magic of childhood, a new program was introduced this summer​ — The Sunrise S.T.E.A.M. Shack --to help build children’s futures beyond cancer. As a participant in the Hour of Code -- a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries -- the Sunrise Association is rolling S.T.E.A.M. Shack activities into NY metropolitan hospitals, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Cohen's Children's Hospital, through its innovative Sunrise on Wheels program, that provides a day filled with Sunrise camp fun to children awaiting treatment in pediatric oncology units of participating hospitals. Volunteers wheel a rainbow trunk bursting with toys, games and activities right into many of our affiliated hospitals and change what could have been a bleak and depressing day into a day of camp fun! Now, children can keep up with their peers and and will have the opportunity to build their own computers and learn to code on Kano computer kits. Inspired by a challenge from a six-year-old, Kano creates computer and coding kids for all ages, all over the world. Its mission is to make technology as simple and fun to create as it is to consumer. Joanna Bersin, Kano’s Head of Education, said, “Kano is excited to support the Sunrise on Wheels program and empower these children with creative computing.” # # # Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island is a proud member of the Sunrise Association, whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings world-wide, through the creation of Day Camps, Year-Round Programs and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, all offered free of charge.  For more information: S.T.E.A.M Shack: David Miller - David@STEAMShack.org Website: http://www.STEAMShack.org Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island: Judy Fishkind, VP of Marketing, Sunrise Association, 516.996.9042 or judy.fishkind@sunriseassociation.org http://sunrisedaycamp-longisland.org/ http://sunriseassociation.org
  • Thornell Road Elementary (Pittsford)
    We invite a local business to do a presentation at a kick-off assembly. We also invite our local politicians (our turn has been good in the past). We have every kiddo, grades K-5 coding, with help from our HS students.