Hour of Code Special Events — New Jersey

  • (Red Bank)
    Students will be ale to do an additional hour of code with their family at night. The students will be able to show off the awesome things they did during the hour of code day.
  • (Glen Ridge)
    Students will be learning about their community by programming Ozobot using Ozoblockly to navigate from Forest Avenue School to our local Glen Ridge Public Library.
  • (Howell)
    Code.org will be used for the month of December in K-2 computer classes. Code.org will also be presented by 2nd graders to our community at our March Maker Madness Night which will occur in March 2018.
  • (Franklin)
    Parents are invited to code with their children.
  • (New Brunswick)
    I am a computer teacher and am co-advisor for the Coding Club which meets every Wednesday after school. And I will be devoting four class periods during Computer Science Education Week (12/4-12/10) to the Hour of Code. I meet with my students every other day (white days/blue days) for 40 minutes. So two class periods for each day type will cover it. We did this last year. I'm excited!!
  • (New Brunswick)
    I have 155 students who take my computer class on white days and blue days in 40 minute classes. So each group will be devoted to Hour of Code for two periods. We did this last year. I am excited!!
  • (Springfield Township)
    All teachers and students in our Pre-K through 2nd grade will be participating in the Hour of Code
  • (Morris County)
    A small group of my fourth graders will visit the middle school in my district to learn about the S.T.E.A.M. projects that they have created. They will also see the lego robotics projects that were coded. They will take photos and videos using iPads. Upon return to the school, they will create a Google Slide deck to share with the school during a kick-off assembly. During the Hour of Code lessons, older students will go into the primary classes to assist the younger students as they experience coding. Students will be encouraged to code at home as well and to share their finished projects with the teacher to be showcased on the computer lab website. Then, students can play the games coded by other students.
  • (Gloucester City)
    We will be have high school students mentoring elementary school students during this event
  • (Hasbrouck Heights)
    Students will be working with Spheros, Ozobots, and Online Programs on there Chromebooks and Tablets while tying in many aspects to Astronomy, Space Science, and and other various curriculum planes. The students will be coding Spheros while learning about the Geography of Mars and the Moon - then code the sphero to move to the designated spots.
  • (Delran)
    Delran Township Schools are part of a national STEM Ecosystem Initiative: http://www.innovationnj.net/innovation-news/delran-stem-ecosystem-alliance-named-to-national-stem-learning-ecosystem We continue to grow and expand our K-12 course offerings to include real world application of code integrated into instruction, including training our teachers to use code and to 3D print. This is our third year hosting district wide events to celebrate the Hour of Code.
  • (Flemington)
    We host district wide Hour of Code Nights where students can come and teach their family how to code.
  • (Denville)
    We invited community memberse (the mayor, police, fire fighters, etc...) and are also hosting an Hour of Code Family Night the same week.
  • Fanwood Memorial Library (Fanwood)
    Three programs: Coding Unplugged, Code Combat, An Hour of Code. Open to the middle school community.
  • Mount Olive School District (Mount Olive Township)
    We have done the Hour of Code for the past four years and our high school students are the teachers for the elementary students, introducing the day and how to play the games for the entire K-5 population (about 3000 kids).