Hour of Code Special Events — Kentucky

  • (Lexington)
    We will have a family coding night on Jan. 16 where the students will teach their families to code.
  • (Corbin)
    This event will be a hook that will get my students interested as an intro into beginning CCGA.
  • Ashland Independent Schools (Ashland)
    Wednesday, December 6th has been declared "Hour of Code" Day in the Ashland Independent Schools. Events will take place in all 7 of our schools. Our STEM specialists in each elementary along with our engineering teachers at the middle and high school will the lead the charge in promoting computer science encouraging students to investigate the field as a possible career pathway.
  • DXC Technology (Elizabethtown)
    Week of Hour of Code in conjunction with DXC Technology and Hardin County Kentucky Schools
  • McCracken County Public Library (Paducah)
    Our event will be open to the public! We have not worked out all the details but we hope to do an hour a week during the month of December.
  • Red Cross Elementary (Glasgow)
    This will be the first Hour of Code event in our school and our community. Our goal at RCE is to involve as many stakeholders as possible. We plan to go BIG and invite all students, families, community partners of commerce and industry, and elected officials to a community-wide event.