Hour of Code Special Events — Idaho

  • (Peck)
    The CEO of Vista Equity Partners, Robert Smith, will attend our kickoff event on Monday, December 4th, 2017 and donated T-shirts for the entire school and staff.
  • (Garden Valley)
    We currently don't have any coding classes or opportunities for our students. We're using the Hour of Code to kick off a push to include as many students who are even remotely interested to code anything they want to see where it takes them.
  • (Weiser)
    Each school in our district will be participating. The local PBS station will be covering the events at Pioneer Elementary, and many local papers will be covering as the high school students help intermediate school students to code!
  • Meridian Library District - unBound (Meridian)
    We will be bringing in other computer science education champions in our community, such as the STEM Action Center and the STEM Bus. Our event will run 3 hours, and in addition to computers available for Hour of Code, we will have different educational toys and experiences. We will also be providing pizza for coders!
  • Shelley High School (Shelley)
    We send kids from my courses to each school to assist students from Kindergarten to 12th grade promoting computer science through the Hour of Code. This is our 4th year promoting it throughout the district.
  • Spark Afterschool Program (Declo)
    We will be competing against Burley Junior High School Spark Afterschool Program, Burley, ID. Our 2 schools are in the same school district: Cassia County School District #151. This is an afterschool program at each site that will be coding.
  • STEM Revolution (Meridian)
    STEM Revolution is passionate about all things STEM, including coding. With our 60 ft STEM Bus Mobile Lab, we visit more than 40,000 students a year, bringing 20+ hands-on exhibits and an explosive science show that inspires a passion for STEM in every school we visit. This is STEM Revolution's third year of partnering with the Meridian Library District unBound to bring Hour of Code to the greater Boise area. This event welcomes more than 75 students and families with exclusive access to the well-known STEM Bus. After completing their Hour of Code, students climb aboard the STEM Bus to see first-hand where coding comes into play in a variety of fields from virtual reality to robotics. STEM Revolution loves partnering with unBound because it is more than a library; it's a fully integrated maker space that encourages students and families to come together to explore, design, and create. Though this event may not be the biggest; it just might be one of the best at putting a context around what students can do with their developing coding skills. Coding is an essential skill for success in any 21st century career, therefore we strive to empower students through the STEM Bus to take their Hour of Code one step further by applying their skills directly to what they are passionate about. This Hour of Code event is so unique and we would love this event to be highlighted as a special event. It occurs December 6th 4-7 pm at Meridian Library unBound (Idaho). Presented is a link that highlights the STEM Bus: https://vimeo.com/235027498 For any questions please contact: sonja@stemrevolution.org Thank you for your consideration.
  • University of Idaho Randall Women in Science (Moscow)
    December 4-10 is Computer Science Education Week, so please join the University of Idaho Randall Women in Science, IBEST (Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies), and the Department of Computer Science for the documentary "CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap"! This documentary exposes the dearth of American female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap. CODE raises the question: what would society gain from having more women and minorities code. To view the trailer: https://www.codedoc.co/ This event is FREE. Doors open at 6:30 pm show starts at 7 pm Rated NR: suggestive language not appropriate for young audiences Books available for purchase in lobby from Bookpeople of Moscow on women in STEM.