Hour of Code Special Events — Florida

  • (Wellington)
    We are hosting a Family Coding Night on December 4.
  • (Orange Park)
    Television Production Technology 1 - 3/4 Honor High School students will be participating in this event and we will be doing something different every day. In addition, we’re the only high school in Clay County to participate in an Hour of Code for the last three years. We also plan to include an AP Phyics 2 class to joins us this year.
  • (Riverview)
    The BSE Computer Science Program is being launched during the Hour of Code. Students will learn computer programming, robotics, code and much more. Our Riverview community is coming together to support this great venture.
  • (Lake Wales)
    Our event involves hands on demos, programming, and more.
  • (New Smyrna Beach)
    This is our 4th year participating in the Hour of Code and Technology week. We have grades PK-8 participating in a variety of events throughout the week, including a technology-inspired "dress down" day to raise money for our technology needs. The students will be learning about STEAM, STEAM and the now encouraged STREAM (science, tech, religion, engineering and math) program through the Diocese of Orlando. The religion and media/tech/math/science teachers will collaborate on a variety of original projects, will do code.org on chromebooks and smartboards, and will even have a day of old v. new tech for show and tell!
  • (Homestead)
    Students enjoy it and apply concepts learned from the MIT App Inventor.
  • (Pembroke Pines)
    Ultimate Software will be sending 10 of it's technology employees to work along side all students in grades 3-5.
  • (Miami)
    CodeArt/ Miami and computer science students from FIU will be instructing our students on the day.
  • (Saint Petersburg)
    Besides the hour of code, our school has entire coding and programming units. Grades 2 - 12 have units using the LEGO robotics kits to code. Grades 3 students created a 3D prosthetic as part of their unit study of the book, The Wild Robot. Grade 4 students code 3D christmas ornaments within their math unit on perimeter and area. Grade 4 and 5 students use Scratch coding with Google CS First coding curriculum. Grade 6 students will be starting a coding unit in January with swift playgrounds, Apple's iPad coding app, to create their own apps. Grade 7 students use scratch programming and makey makeys to make their own operation board games. Grade 8 students are coding with Hummingbird Robotics Kits to create movable stuffed animals. Grade 8 students also have the EV-3 Robotics kit integrated in a unit of study in their Science class. Our youngest students, PK3 - 2, are introduced to coding one month before hour of code once a week using coding apps and OSMO coding. For more information, please contact me!
  • (Homestead)
    I have students that will mentor middle school students in the community
  • (Bryceville)
    We have invited a military member to discuss STEM careers and how he personally uses coding and other technology skills for a schoolwide assembly. We are doing an hour of code and taking a "byte" with a special treat in the cafeteria.
  • (Tampa)
    Students will use the skills obtained in the hour of code to help them: solve problems during Lego Robotics STEM lessons --and-- to generate a 'product' that demonstrates their learning for classroom projects. (Activities may include PBL, enrichment projects, and IB Summative projects for our central Idea)
  • (Tampa)
    The N.A.P.S. Club (Girl Empowerment) will lead this event for girls but it is not the entire school. My District has been encourage to participate.
  • (Hollywood)
    Family night hour of code where students recruit other students and members of the community to come in for a dinner and an Hour of Code session.
  • Bay Haven School of Basics Plus (Sarasota)
    Our 3rd annual Hour of Code week will be bigger & better than ever! We are partnering with our local Microsoft Store, New College of Florida, local IT professionals and entrepreneurs, and community members to bring a 360 degree experience to our students. Each one of our 600 students will spend one hour engaged in coding activities over the course of the week. The Microsoft Store will reward our students with "bling" to reward their efforts. IT professionals will open the eyes of our students to the amazing career opportunities available to those who can code. Professors and students from New College of Florida will speak to our students about the educational paths to pursue a computer science degree. For the first time we will use Sphero robots (provided by the Sarasota Education Foundation) to see computer code IN ACTION!
  • Boys and Girls of Hernando County (Spring Hill)
    Students will be teaching Code.org to their parents or other community members. Some of these students were behavior issues prior to participating in Code .org. Their behaviors have changed 360 degrees. Code.org has made a large difference in our club enviroment.
  • Glazer Children's Museum (Tampa)
    Glazer Children's Museum will be hosting "Geek Week" featuring a hackathon with "Everybody Code Now" and multiple workshops (starting as early as pre-reader).
  • New Horizons Elementary School (Wellington)
    Family Code Night
  • Wakulla 4-H (Crawfordville)
    Wakulla 4-H is a county-wide program. We will be partnering with the local school district, charter and private schools, as well as offering this program to home-school students. We plan to highlight Hour of Code for the entire time between December 4-10 and ask students and parents to pledge to participate virtually as well as in real life. We will be encouraging families to post photos with a #4HCodes hashtag.