Hour of Code Special Events — California

  • (Santa Paula)
    My students will be teaching other staff members how they are coding and explain what they have learned.
  • (Los Angeles)
    At USC, we invite all K12 students to campus for Hour of Code. We are hoping to have 200-300 students attend, working with USC Computer Science students to create whatever programs they want.
  • (Los Angeles)
    The entire District participates in Hour of Code. Each school arranges the day on its own. We are going to have community members come to assist in the Hour of Code for each classroom.
  • (San Marcos)
    Double Peak School will be celebrating Hour of Code week school-wide TK-8th grade! Every student is encouraged to code for one hour and MORE. Every hour students code they get a raffle ticket for a chance to win some cool robotics and STEAM activities. Classes will participate in webinars, Skype with computer science experts, and have experts come in to present and share their coding experience for real world application. We would LOVE to be highlighted!
  • (Escondido)
    We are hosting a Night of Code for the families of Quantum Academy.
  • (Elk Grove)
    I am an elementary computer teacher at Florence Markofer Elementary. We (grades 1 - 6) will be going beyond Hour of Code and tackling CS Fundamentals. I am very grateful for the curriculum and the website you provide. Thank you!
  • (Benicia)
    Everyone will be participating in the Hour of Code.
  • (Stockton)
    Most classrooms in our school district will be participating in this event. Many teachers, like myself, will be doing Hour of Code every day for at least an hour. The kids are so excited!!
  • (Anderson)
    We are having a night of coding at our school on December 5th from 4-6pm.
  • (Anderson)
    Students, parents and community members are invited to participate in an Hour of Code. We are opening up our brand new Media center in our Library and having students demonstrate and help parents and community members try an hour of code.
  • (Torrance)
    My event will definitely be going beyond an hour. In previous years, I have taught the entire Course provided on Code.org not only during Computer Science Week, but sporadically throughout the rest of the school year. Once completing the Course appropriate for Fourth Grade, Advanced courses and/or iPad apps were available to demonstrate the application of their learning and express their creativity. This year, I continue to go beyond the Hour of Code by teaching Course E provided by Code.org, having advanced resources available, and exploring with robots and/or circuits.
  • (Los Angeles)
    We are kickstarting a coding class in our school, to continue throughout the rest of the year and years to come.
  • (San Jose)
    Code to the Future Showcase highlighting all our students work with coding
  • (Santa Barbara)
    robotics and engineering activities extended into Jan/Feb.
  • (Oakland)
    This will be my 4th graders first opportunity to learn how to code. Also my first as well!
  • (Banning)
    Schools will be doing the hour of code to learn more about computer science.
  • (Oceanside)
    Oceanside Unified School District is encouraging it's teachers to participate in the Hour of Code. It will include other events and activities that are forthcoming.
  • (Los Angeles)
    Our event will involve software engineers from the Silicon Beach community, as well as parents of our students who work in Computer Science on translation software. Additionally, we plan to continue to offer the opportunity on a weekly basis in the classroom to continue their growing education and interest in Computer Science. Many of our students do not have access to a computer outside of school, especially our minority students, and for them this will be a unique opportunity to be introduced to a field that was otherwise unknown to them.
  • (Compton)
    District Expo will be held and Awards for Congressional App Challenge
  • (Ontario)
    our school district, Ontario-Montclair is asking schools to participate in the hour of code.
  • (Menlo Park)
    All four of our district's schools will participate in coding lessons during this week.
  • (El Cajon)
    The entire Cajon Valley Union School district will participate
  • (Los Angeles)
    Our students will participate in a student-led Hour of Code at Bancroft Middle School. Bancroft Middle School has embraced computer science for every student. Our event is a celebration for all students who have not experienced computer science. Currently, all 7th and 8th graders experience CS Discoveries. These students will showcase their exciting projects and support leading the HOC sessions. We have invited all of our district representatives (local and central) and other important stakeholders that can support LAUSD in bringing computer science to every student.
  • (Los Angeles)
    This is the first year teachers are using technology in their classroom school wide. The devices are still shared among several teachers, but the drive is to move forward and integrate technology into classroom practice. That being said, we will have teacher training, "coding buddies" (where upper graders will partner code with lower grades), and Code with a Parent day.
  • (Modesto)
    You may have heard of Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code. This year Computer Science Week will be the week of December 4th. On the evening of December 5th I am hosting a Computer Science Rally at Enochs High in Modesto. It will be a time for me and my students to showcase to parents and the public all the cool stuff that students are learning in Computer Science, from AP Computer Science Principles to the Robotics Team to the Girls Who Code club.
  • (Fresno)
    Central Unified is working with the entire district to have every student participate, we are 1 to 1 with Chromebooks. This will involve over 15,000 students and 23 schools.
  • (Bakersfield)
    Our school district is celebrating the hour of code again this year. We will make it an exciting part of our class instruction. I personally teach students with moderate to severe autism and my students really fell in love with the hour of code last year. Now I make it part of our weekly class instruction and we use sites such as www.code.org among others.
  • (West Covina)
    I will be inviting my students' family members to come into the classroom and participate in the Hour of Code with their child. This event will also kick off weekly coding in the classroom.
  • (Carmel-by-the-Sea)
    The computer science principles students at Carmel High School, Carmel, Indiana will present a Winter Wonderland of animations they developde with C# and Visual Studio, and also Python. We always invite the elementary school students, and it s awesome to see the reactions to the music and animations.
  • (Lemon Grove)
    We will be hosting a family coding night in addition to the hour. We are planning on our whole district to participate.
  • (Sacramento)
    We will be having a Family Coding Night event where family and neighbors are invited in.
  • (Soledad)
  • (Lennox)
    Our district is striving for 100% participation as well as launching a coding competition. There will be assemblies, a computer cart decorating contest, and much more.
  • (Simi Valley)
    We will be hosting the Hour of Code across our district for our fourth year in a row, from elementary levels through high school.
  • (Santa Clarita)
    12 schools across the William S Hart School District will be participating in the Hour of Code during code week. Many of our Jr High schools will have 100% participation and our high schools usually reach a large number of students as well. My high school is trying have 1 department host the hour of code to reach as many to all of the students in the school.
  • (Hesperia)
    The whole school district will be participating in the hour of code.
  • (Anaheim)
    Our district, Anaheim Elementary School District, hosts a Scratch Off competition for video game design and animation. We are launching a site Scratch Team to compete in the May 2nd District event. 24 elementary schools are invited to the competition. Our Orange Grove Scratch Club will meet afterschool on Fridays beginning January 12th, 2018.
  • Cajon Valley Union School District (El Cajon)
    Our goal is 100% district involvement.
  • Cajon Valley Union School District (El Cajon)
    We organize a district wide Hour of Code week. Schools who participate get banners to display celebrating their participation and schools can order stickers, certificates or window clings from us to advertise teacher participation!
  • Calavera Hills Middle School (Carlsbad)
    All our middle schoolers in the district participate in the hour of code, coordinated through the science departments.
  • Contra Costa County Office of Education (Pleasant Hill)
    We will be hosting a CS Network event for educators and community members. This event will showcase Hour of Code and other CS activities that educators can take back to their classrooms.
  • Fulton & Alsbury Academy of Arts and Engineering (Lancaster)
    We are inviting a K-5 elementary school to join our middle school for Hour of Code. The older students will mentor the younger students on the advancements of coding.
  • Girl Scouts (Pacific Grove)
    Girl Scout troop 30106 have been participating in Hour of Code for the last three years. This year, for their Bronze Award Service Project, they are holding an Hour of Code event for other Girl Scouts in their community. It is designed and will be run by 10 5th grade junior Girl Scouts for the almost 50 girls who've already signed up!
  • Inclusive World (Milpitas)
    Inclusive World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to enable differently abled teens and young adults to lead productive lives. We train differently abled youth in vocational skills based on their interest and abilities. We offer Scratch Programming and Software testing courses to differently abled youth. We will work on a Scratch game program for Hour of Code. We would like to showcase the abilities of differently abled youth and we hope that some of our will be inspired to become Software Engineers!
  • KIPP Empower Academy (Los Angeles)
    The Hour of Code is an event that our entire student population looks forward to every year. We have students from grades Kindergarten through 4th grade that learn to code. We also invite parents and family members to code together during Hour of Code Family Night.
  • Lilian J. Rice Elementary (Chula Vista)
    We'll have 100% participation from Kindergarten up to 6th grade, also incorporating music within coding.
  • Nancy Cory Elementary (Lancaster)
    Most of the schools in our district will be participating in this event.. The students have fun being engage in the technology they love doing.
  • Pioneer (Escondido)
    The entire school will be programing using technology or unplug activities. We will invite the high school competition team to do an assembly to launch the event. Members of the community will be invited to speak via internet about their programming job. A robotic club will be created to compete locally, or at state level with weekly meeting. We will offer a coding class after school 3 days a week for students grades 3-5
  • San Diego County Office of Education (San Diego)
    We are hosting Knowledge Jams that are highlighting and sharing the impact of The Hour of Code, Code.org curriculum and resources, and Computer Science for All.
  • San Jose Public Library. Evergreen Branch (San Jose)
    Teen volunteers will help guide Adults, Children, and other teens through Hour of Code tutorials and invite teens to participate in a Coding Challenge. Girls Who Code Club members will be invited to share testimonials about why they like to learn to code.
  • Southeast Community Development Corporation (Bell)
    This event is located inside the Bell Technology Center established by the Southeast Community Development Corporation. The technology center provides free Internet cafe, free printing, free basic computer classes, free youth technology classes, low-cost computer repair, and free chrome books with qualifying low-cost internet services. These services are provided in an effort to close the digital device in our community. Our goal with this event is to let our community know that these services are available.
  • steven foster (Lakewood)
    he really loves to code so i went on code.org to teach him more about coding.
  • Trabuco Elementary (Trabuco Canyon)
    We have a parent from the community who comes in to make the event more meaningful. Teachers would like to extent the opportunity to an after school coding club.
  • USC Viterbi School of Engineering (Los Angeles)
    USC Viterbi School of Engineering hosts its annual Code Dojo outreach events on 12/4 - 12/5, including an on-campus Hour of Code workshop with 25 students from Saint Mary's Academy (Inglewood, CA) led by USC students who are alumni of Girls Who Code plus virtual outreach by USC coding students to 40 classrooms throughout Los Angeles County encouraged to participate in Hour of Code. viterbipk12.usc.edu/code-dojo/