Hour of Code Special Events — Arkansas

  • (Lake City)
    We will be doing this district wide at all 3 campuses with prizes drawn as levels are finished.
  • (Benton)
    I'm requesting students to get involved by announcing this even on Google Classroom.
  • (London)
    Every grade level and student in our school participates in the lessons with code.org and we teach a Project Lead the Way computer science module to all students where we spend at least 5 -6 weeks during our science lessons in learning coding with several apps and websites. We use Scratch Jr, Hopscotch, Tynker apps and Scratch and Tynker websites also.
  • (Rogers)
    Our event includes members of the community and special visitors that will come watch and/or help students as they do the hour of code. Parents will be invited to come watch or code along with their child.
  • (Fort Smith)
    Members of the community and local high school will partner with students to participate.
  • Anchorage School District (Conway)
    We are inviting district leaders, school board, and teachers to draw awareness to computer science (event will be open to public)