Hour of Code Special Events — United States

  • (Killen)
    Each class K5 - 6th grade will be participating in an "Hour of code" activity throughout the day on December 6. Additionally, this will kick off activities for the 5th and 6th grades classes for the spring semester.
  • (Minneapolis)
    My older students will be making educational games in Scratch for the Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders to play.
  • (Skipwith)
    My High School TEALS students will be going to both middle schools in our county to facilitate an hour of code. I have broken my students up into groups to see 5 classes at the middle school level. The students will introduce themselves to their class, tell why they signed up for Computer Science class, tell one assignment that they have enjoyed working on and why, get the students logged into an hour of code, and give them an exit ticket to have a reference as to how it went.
  • (Billings)
    Montana Governor, Steve Bullock, will be a Lead Learner at Ben Steele Middle School for an hour of code.
  • (Humboldt)
    Our second a Reindeer Games will include an hour of code, short presentations by persons working in computer science, and include a team coding competition and information test based on knowledge presented that day, no prior knowledge is needed. Schools from throughout a five county area are invited to send their gifted and high-achieving students on two days, one for middle school, and one for elementary school.
  • (Hopewell)
    Our entire school system is doing
  • (Oyster Bay)
    For the last 3 years we have been celebrating Computer Science as a community event by hosting every first Monday of December as "OBEN Night of Code." This event entire Oyster Bay East Norwich Community is invited to participate and celebrate CS through an "Hour of Code." We offer snacks and raffles after the event to encourage community participation and awareness.
  • (Foristell)
    The Wentzville School District is participating in Hour of Code K-8. Wabash Elementary School will be focusing in all subject areas to push in coding emphasis to all students grades K and up.
  • (Upper Saint Clair)
    Parents of all first grade students are invited for a special "Pair Programming" event where the student will work with their parent or guardian to share the fun of the Hour of Code on Monday and Tuesday.
  • (Nacogdoches)
    We have college students coming in to work with students on Coding.
  • (Houston)
  • (Pittston)
    high school programming students will be attending the elementary school to teach "An Hour of Code"
  • (Pike Road)
  • (Phoenix)
    The Governor of Arizona is joining us.
  • (Peck)
    The CEO of Vista Equity Partners, Robert Smith, will attend our kickoff event on Monday, December 4th, 2017 and donated T-shirts for the entire school and staff.
  • (Philadelphia)
    The School District of Philadelphia has 140+ schools participating in the Hour of Code and anticipates over 10,000 students participate during Computer Science Education Week.
  • (Marietta)
    We are doing hour of code in the classroom, and another hour during our media center time. Our entire district is promoting hour of code among elementary, middle, and high school students. We code throughout the entire year in my 4th grade classroom and the students love it!
  • (Leonard)
    All of the elementary schools in our district are doing the Hour of Code! :0)
  • (Providence)
    Students from the Academy for Career Exploration (ACE Providence), a district charter high school, will be visiting several middle schools within the Providence Public School District in Rhode Island to work with middle school students on various Hour of Code challenges, projects and activities over this week and the next several weeks.
  • (Amsterdam)
    My 4th grade classroom is partnering with the High School Science students to participate in a multi-age collaborative event. The HS students will be completing an Hour of Code on Wed. They will then take a bus to my school where they will act as mentors to my 4th grade students, guiding them through the Coding activity.
  • (Madison)
    Computer Science students from our local high school are coming to our school with their teacher to partner with my 5th grade students to code together this week for the hour of code.
  • (Traverse City)
    My AP CSP students are leading Hour of Code events with some of our elementary classrooms. Age of participants range from Kindergarten through high school. Our Junior High students are doing their own Hour of code events.
  • (San Antonio)
    We are creating a coding club afterwards for those students that show an interest via flipgrid interview questions regarding our Hour of Code.
  • (Lexington)
    We will have a family coding night on Jan. 16 where the students will teach their families to code.
  • (Cartersville)
  • (Cortland)
    This is our annual kickoff event for coding. Students will continue throughout the year, using code.org, ozobots, and beyond.
  • (Novi)
    Our Girls Who Code club will be hosting a two-day event. We believe that in just one hour we can demystify coding and show that anyone can learn the basics of computer programming. On Tuesday, we'll use a fun, interactive lesson to teach attendees the basics of coding. On Thursday, we'll host a mini-hackathon for one hour to challenge some of our seasoned coders in the school.
  • (Myrtle Beach)
    We are hosting a Community Technology Night on Tuesday, December 5, for parents, students, and members of the community to come in and learn how to code using Code.org, as well as other technology that we have in our school.
  • (Red Bank)
    Students will be ale to do an additional hour of code with their family at night. The students will be able to show off the awesome things they did during the hour of code day.
  • (Tacoma)
    Will be used as a catalyst event for the grand opening of our Intervention Maker & Learning Space (a community event) & primer for our Summit Event (unleashing the STEM-4-All Movement) at NCCE in February.
  • (Queens)
    We are running special activities for the entire week during homeroom both AM and PM, lunch and after school. We will have students ambassadors that will visit classes, parent meetings and lunchtime coding to assist all students. Every 6th grade student takes coding once a week for the entire school year...they are doing amazing things!!
  • (Manheim Township)
    Gramatica si tehnologie.Un eveniment menit a stabili o legatura reala intre limba si literatura romana si mijloacele moderne de accesare a internetului si de a profita de varietatea informatiilor.
  • (Wellington)
    We are hosting a Family Coding Night on December 4.
  • (Santa Paula)
    My students will be teaching other staff members how they are coding and explain what they have learned.
  • (Rome)
    Students will visit our community's Sylvan Learning Center to participate in four hours of stem workshop's including: coding, robotics, and engineering.
  • (West Hartford)
    This will be a week long event, which will include coding activities in the classroom and Makerspace, robots, board games, websites, apps, a home/school connection and a guest speaker from a female programmer.
  • (Los Angeles)
    At USC, we invite all K12 students to campus for Hour of Code. We are hoping to have 200-300 students attend, working with USC Computer Science students to create whatever programs they want.
  • (Colby)
    This year, the fifth graders of Colby Middle School have classroom sets of Chromebooks for the first time. We are excited to introduce this amazing resource to all students with various needs in the mainstream classroom. This includes students with special needs and English language learners!
  • (Quincy)
    High School students will work in collaboration with our Elementary School students.
  • (Orange Park)
    Television Production Technology 1 - 3/4 Honor High School students will be participating in this event and we will be doing something different every day. In addition, we’re the only high school in Clay County to participate in an Hour of Code for the last three years. We also plan to include an AP Phyics 2 class to joins us this year.
  • (Los Angeles)
    The entire District participates in Hour of Code. Each school arranges the day on its own. We are going to have community members come to assist in the Hour of Code for each classroom.
  • (San Antonio)
    Our 270 GT students within our school district will be participating in Coding during their GT service day.
  • (Texarkana)
    We will be including Kindergarten through 6th grade in our event. We will be plugged and unplugged as we kick off the CSI at our school!
  • (Ellicott City)
    All 76 Howard County public school will participate in the Code.org’s global Hour of Code event, December 4–10. HCPSS Instructional Technology and Career and Technology Education offices worked in tandem with teachers to provide students the opportunity to try computer science for at least one hour during the week. Classroom participation includes discussions about Hour of Code and why participation is important, learning and understanding new coding vocabulary words, online coding activities through code.org, and unplugged coding activities like robotics and classroom work.
  • (Somerville)
    Our hour of code event will be happening in Library classes during the entire week of Computer Science Education Week - students in grades K-8 will all participate. On the Wednesday of that week we have engineers from Google coming to our school to work with students in grades 4-8, these students will get to try out Google virtual reality!
  • (Yonkers)
    We will have employees from IAC Applications work with my class. They will discuss Computer Science and careers in the field. They will also support my students as they do a course on hour of code
  • (Sergeant Bluff)
    I am just adding some hour of coding to some of my classes this semester to make them aware of what it is.
  • (Riverview)
    The BSE Computer Science Program is being launched during the Hour of Code. Students will learn computer programming, robotics, code and much more. Our Riverview community is coming together to support this great venture.
  • (Sugar Land)
    I am the library media specialist at Drabek Elementary. All students K-5 will be participating in coding activities during the month of December.
  • (Lake Stevens)
    As a district, we do hour of code annually. Students look forward to learning and then applying their learning later on.
  • (San Marcos)
    Double Peak School will be celebrating Hour of Code week school-wide TK-8th grade! Every student is encouraged to code for one hour and MORE. Every hour students code they get a raffle ticket for a chance to win some cool robotics and STEAM activities. Classes will participate in webinars, Skype with computer science experts, and have experts come in to present and share their coding experience for real world application. We would LOVE to be highlighted!
  • (Lake Wales)
    Our event involves hands on demos, programming, and more.
  • (Williston)
    We are working as part of a larger community group learning to Code.
  • (Chicago)
    We will we host "Week of Code" were outside volunteers (district administrators, local engineers, state congressman, etc.) will come and share coding activities with students in grades PreK - 8th grade. The learning and excitement extend past one hour!!
  • (Winlock)
    We are a very small and rural community and will have our High School and Middle school students that are in my Code.org class work with our Elementary students.
  • (Hempstead)
    All students are participating. Most students are coding in Spanish.
  • (Pueblo)
    Lots of fun stuff , guest coding speaker, involving K-5th grade using the Hour of Code.
  • (North Providence)
  • (Rock Spring)
    Entire county is doing this...it will be our schools second hour schoolwide this year.
  • (Coolidge)
    During our schools hour of could grades K & 2 will participate on Monday Dec. 4th, students in grade 1st and 3rd will participate on Tuesday, Dec. 5th, and students in grades 4th and 5th will participate on Wednesday, Dec. 6th. Students in the 5th grade will help the younger grades during their event. Parents, grandparents, and guardians are welcome to attend. A flyer, email blast, and phone blast have been sent to the parents explaining what the event is and students’ days and times of their coding event. We offer a coding class during the 1st quarter of the school year during our 21st century after-school program and will be continuing it quarter 3 and 4 in 2018. Students in grades 3-5 will be signing up under their teacher’s accounts and teachers will be encouraged to add coding to their daily routines.
  • (Pasco)
    We are inviting community members to join us that have a background in computer sciences or coding to share their experience with our students.
  • (New York)
    The Mickey Mantle Coders: We're a special education school K through 8th grade and all students will be participating in "Hour of Code" with coding activities, computer science Career Talks, and middle school special education students helping/pair coding with the elementary special education students.
  • (San Benito)
    My "Girls Who Code" Club will be having an event that is hosted by a non-profit organization called CodeRGV. CodeRGV's "Classroom on Wheels" will be visiting us on that day.
  • (Bronx)
    KIPP Academy MS will host its inaugural Hour of Code event in celebration of Computer Science week. All students from grades 5-8 will participate in an Hour of Code lesson as well as actively engaged with members from the Computer Science community within NYC. This includes volunteers helping during the hour of code lessons and guest speaking/panel discussion for certain classes.
  • (Morgantown)
    The entire WVU Community as well as the local community has been invited to participate in an Hour of Code between 8am-5pm on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 as part of this event.
  • (Lake City)
    We will be doing this district wide at all 3 campuses with prizes drawn as levels are finished.
  • (Knoxville)
    Knoxville High School is hosting Hour of Code guest speakers and Maker's Space activities that focus on computer science and coding.
  • (Escondido)
    We are hosting a Night of Code for the families of Quantum Academy.
  • (Nogales)
    Students will be completing hour of code in addition to coding every day to promote computer science week.
  • (Norfolk)
    We have encouraged a parents to participate at home in the Hour of Code event, and we are going beyond the hour for the remainder of the school year.
  • (New York)
    Unificar la intebsiobalidad y conocimiento creativo de los estudiantes que iopten participar en la hora del código.
  • (Minnetonka)
    Students can sign up for an after school coding party and celebration as well as participating in an hour of coding during the school day.
  • (Chester)
    It will be something the students are not familiar with, so it will be new, exciting and engaging for them.
  • (Colorado Springs)
    This event is a push to train all schools (Elementary and Secondary) is the Hour of Code. Last year, we reached 2600 students in School District 57. This year, we have set a goal of 5000 students!
  • (Houston)
    We encourage teachers, administrators and parents to all join us in the hour of code. We are an online virtual charter school and most activities will be done asynchronously, but there will be hours offered synchronously for different levels to collaborate in their challenge with the hour of code.
  • (Cary)
    In a STEM Special, students are learning to Code all year, the week of December 4th, we hope to have Engineers from SAS come in to join us for understanding about careers in Coding! Our school would love to take the next step with robots or circuit programming, but we don't have the funding for it! Thanks!
  • (Glen Ridge)
    Students will be learning about their community by programming Ozobot using Ozoblockly to navigate from Forest Avenue School to our local Glen Ridge Public Library.
  • (Elk Grove)
    I am an elementary computer teacher at Florence Markofer Elementary. We (grades 1 - 6) will be going beyond Hour of Code and tackling CS Fundamentals. I am very grateful for the curriculum and the website you provide. Thank you!
  • (Flowood)
    I will be inviting parents to come participate with us. We will be using code.org, Splash, and unpluggled lessons as well.
  • (New Smyrna Beach)
    This is our 4th year participating in the Hour of Code and Technology week. We have grades PK-8 participating in a variety of events throughout the week, including a technology-inspired "dress down" day to raise money for our technology needs. The students will be learning about STEAM, STEAM and the now encouraged STREAM (science, tech, religion, engineering and math) program through the Diocese of Orlando. The religion and media/tech/math/science teachers will collaborate on a variety of original projects, will do code.org on chromebooks and smartboards, and will even have a day of old v. new tech for show and tell!
  • (Harwich)
    Our "Hour of Code" leads into a fun, six-week unit on coding for all 80 of our sixth grade students.
  • (Tiverton)
    Our classrooms will also participate in various STEM and Code activities throughout the day using Dash and Dot and Unplugged activities to be shared with guests.
  • (Raeford)
    Students will be engaged in schoolwide coding and Principal will share Hour of Code challenges and facts everyday
  • (Rossville)
    District Wide Hour of Code and Computer Science Week Activities in partnership with Georgia Tech.
  • (Washington)
    On going Computer Science hands-on classes conducted by STEM nonprofit located in Washington DC, called RESET (www.resetonline.org). We are currently looking for additional volunteers to teach Computer Science.
  • (Homestead)
    Students enjoy it and apply concepts learned from the MIT App Inventor.
  • (Pembroke Pines)
    Ultimate Software will be sending 10 of it's technology employees to work along side all students in grades 3-5.
  • (Robinson)
    We are providing hands on coding opportunities for students using various coding robots like Dot and Dash, Shperos, Ollies, Coding Caterpillars, and Sphero Minis.
  • (Phoenix)
    PVUSD has been participating in this event for many years. The older children will mentor the younger students and district administrators will be involved at each site.
  • (Howell)
    Code.org will be used for the month of December in K-2 computer classes. Code.org will also be presented by 2nd graders to our community at our March Maker Madness Night which will occur in March 2018.
  • (Breinigsville)
    This will be our 3rd year participating in Hour of Code. As a result we have expanded our Comp Sci curriculum (https://sway.com/PbGpVoK9OjZC2sOX) and had our work featured in T.H.E. Journal (https://digital.1105media.com/THEJournal/2017/THE_1703/TJ_1703Q1.html#p=8) and our local PBS channel (https://www.facebook.com/PBS39/videos/10153865025002667/). We want to have all of our schools participate this year, and will use the event to launch two Girls Who Code clubs at our middle schools.
  • (Elmhurst)
    We will be having some very "cool" high school students come and help out, hang, and code at our "Geek Party"!
  • (Winfield)
    We have just become the first district in the nation to have all of its schools AdvancED STEM Certified. We are a one-to-one school and have enjoyed adding coding into our curriculum. We are happy to have hosted a code.org workshop and want to continue to pursue "Computer Education" both for our students and our faculty.
  • (Ambler)
    We will be focusing on coding for the entire second trimester for all grade levels K-5) during their scheduled STEM experience time.
  • (Larchmont)
    We have participated the last few years, We are apart of the Mamaroneck school district. All 6 schools participate in the hour of code where all children get to code during computer science week. We also involve the community where different workshops are held in the evening and also at our local libraries Mamaroneck and Larchmont. Some of our computer science teachers have even gone into nearby communities such as New Rochelle, NY to host Hour of Code at the local Boys and Girls club.
  • (El Paso)
    The No Excuses University @ Schuster will host our 2nd Annual Family Code Night this Thursday from 4-6. Community members will come together to explore the world of programming!
  • (Columbus)
    We are hosting a family night in which members of the community and families can come and code with their kids! December 5 from 5:30-7:00
  • (Guernsey)
    Family Hour of Code Event-December 5th Guernsey-Sunrise Schools will host a family coding event for all students K-12 grade. Beginning Session is 5:30-6:30 geared to students K-6 and then an intermediate/advance session for students 3-12 will be held from 7:00-8:00 in the High School Library
  • (Wausau)
    Hour of Code all week long with "stop, drop & code" activities.
  • (Green River)
    Do You Want To Think Like A Computer Scientist event to be held in Green River, Wyoming.
  • (Odessa)
    Our OHS Computer Science students will host a community event inviting the entire P-12 School District, the community, and other people interested in The Hour Of Code in the greater Odessa, WA area.
  • (Greenwood)
    Related makerspace activities will be available in the media center all week.
  • (Scituate)
    We are training K - 8 teachers on Nov 27-29th to facilitate Hour of Code activities in Scituate Schools during CSEdWeek.
  • (Washington)
    For the fifth year, Microsoft is joining Code.org to promote the worldwide campaign, Hour of Code, and to increase access to computer science through Microsoft YouthSpark. The Hour of Code is a global movement that reaches tens of millions of students in 180+ countries every year. Last year, over 7 million people participated in a Microsoft-driven activity for Hour of Code, with over 90 million total participants worldwide. Computer science is the defining field of the 21st century, yet most young people do not have the chance learn it, and most schools don’t offer it as a course. By sharing the Hour of Code with your family, local school, and friends we can help spread the word that computer science education is a subject that everyone can learn, it’s even more fun!
  • (Benicia)
    Everyone will be participating in the Hour of Code.
  • (Austin)
    Our middle and high schools will all be participating in unplugged activities as well as online activities. We will go well beyond an hour. Some students will do 8+ hours!
  • (Montgomery)
    We will be including the school board as well as presenting at a school board meeting about the Hour of Code.
  • (Stockton)
    Most classrooms in our school district will be participating in this event. Many teachers, like myself, will be doing Hour of Code every day for at least an hour. The kids are so excited!!
  • (Anderson)
    We are having a night of coding at our school on December 5th from 4-6pm.
  • (Anderson)
    Students, parents and community members are invited to participate in an Hour of Code. We are opening up our brand new Media center in our Library and having students demonstrate and help parents and community members try an hour of code.
  • (Brooklyn)
    PPA students are increasingly exploring their inherent curiosity and demonstrating their collective creativity for all things tech through multifaceted and innovative in class technology instruction. During PPA's first official Hour of Code participation, students will persist through block and text based programming challenges to strengthen their skills and further develop their understanding of CS programming principles through independent and collective initiatives.
  • (Las Vegas)
    I am supporting district-wide activities that will center in the library spaces and classrooms.
  • (Stamford)
    Looking to connect our Coding classes (grades 4-6) and prior grades 3-8 Hour of Code experiwnces with kickoff for second trimester STEAM curriculum in partnership with community parent professional.
  • (Algonquin)
    It gets kids excited and more aware or coding and is becoming more popular for good paying jobs, and we believe that it is important to be known for this new generations. We are also trying our best to reward/encourage kids who exceed an hour to get them more excited about this program.
  • (Glennallen)
    Intro to coding at schools and grade levels across the district, as well as Week of Code info for parents/community via social media
  • (Torrance)
    My event will definitely be going beyond an hour. In previous years, I have taught the entire Course provided on Code.org not only during Computer Science Week, but sporadically throughout the rest of the school year. Once completing the Course appropriate for Fourth Grade, Advanced courses and/or iPad apps were available to demonstrate the application of their learning and express their creativity. This year, I continue to go beyond the Hour of Code by teaching Course E provided by Code.org, having advanced resources available, and exploring with robots and/or circuits.
  • (Jefferson)
    This will be the first year we expand the hour of code to every school in our district.
  • (Miami)
    CodeArt/ Miami and computer science students from FIU will be instructing our students on the day.
  • (Chaplin)
    I am using this event to promote and gain interest in a new class for the fall of 2018, AP Computer Science Principles.
  • (Adelphi)
    Engineers from the Army research Lab will be participating in talking to our school about coding.
  • (Larchmont)
    The French American School of NY has an integrated coding and robotics curriculum grades k-12. In addition to regular coding lessons, the school will be celebrating the Hour of Code with a "Design a Game" theme.
  • (Pflugerville)
    The entire district of Harmony Public Schools Austin will participate in an hour of code. This will be the second school year that we have participated in this capacity. Harmony not only codes for an hour during this week but we invite outside visitors to share their experiences in coding.
  • (Auburn)
    My event will also include an introduction to the Code.org CS Fundamentals Course and possibly the CS Discoveries Course as we are a K-8 school.
  • (Winchester)
    Every Library Class will be able to experience the Hour of Code and all of its highlights and excitement
  • (Los Angeles)
    We are kickstarting a coding class in our school, to continue throughout the rest of the year and years to come.
  • (New York)
    Capital Prep Harlem School is filled with scholars that are intrigued with VEX IQ Robotics (one of our courses) and the endless venues of Coding. We will host an all day Hour Of Code where scholars will learn, investigate and explore the exhilarating world of Coding. In Capital Prep Harlem, we empower our scholars to learn and take leadership, hence our 8th grade Robotics Program scholars will be teaching the Hour of Code with Illuminator Supervision. Afterwards, the apprentices will become the teachers in Coding Parent Night.
  • (Saint Petersburg)
    Besides the hour of code, our school has entire coding and programming units. Grades 2 - 12 have units using the LEGO robotics kits to code. Grades 3 students created a 3D prosthetic as part of their unit study of the book, The Wild Robot. Grade 4 students code 3D christmas ornaments within their math unit on perimeter and area. Grade 4 and 5 students use Scratch coding with Google CS First coding curriculum. Grade 6 students will be starting a coding unit in January with swift playgrounds, Apple's iPad coding app, to create their own apps. Grade 7 students use scratch programming and makey makeys to make their own operation board games. Grade 8 students are coding with Hummingbird Robotics Kits to create movable stuffed animals. Grade 8 students also have the EV-3 Robotics kit integrated in a unit of study in their Science class. Our youngest students, PK3 - 2, are introduced to coding one month before hour of code once a week using coding apps and OSMO coding. For more information, please contact me!
  • (San Jose)
    Code to the Future Showcase highlighting all our students work with coding
  • (Laramie)
    We are hosting a Family Traditions night on December 5th, from 6-7 PM. Coding activities will be one activity available at the event.
  • (Wasilla)
    We are having an Evening of Code. We are inviting parents, school board members, and local government officials.
  • (Lamar)
    I think my elective class will participate in coding from Dec 4-8 for the solar system tynker interactive module
  • (Tyrone)
    We are hosting a parent CS Academy and will teach parents how to code using of the many Code.Org resources and we're bringing in an industry professional to teach them how to use WordPress.
  • (Ames)
    Implicarea activitatii in cadrul ExtraClub Pipirig, cel mai mare club din unitatea scolara, cu cel putin 2 ore/zi laboratorul de informatica stand la dispozitia elevilor numai pentru activitatile dedicate Hour of Code. In plus, implicare zeci e elevi, promovare online, premii pentru cei mai activi participanti.
  • (Franklin)
    Parents are invited to code with their children.
  • (Manchester)
    Students can come to the school after hours to code if they do not have access to computers at home. We will host parents and students from 3-5 pm
  • (Griffin)
    We have an IT specialist coming to talk to and explain where coding can take our students in the future.
  • (Burnsville)
    We are calling our event "Family Hour of Code" and sending the message out to all district families k-12. We have our Tech Integration Specialist putting on breakout session, we have the Nerdery showing students how to code websites, we have Microsoft representative sharing information Minecraft as well as having available coding activities at their site at the Mall of America as well as our robotics teams showing families how to code a robot as well as volunteers from the parent groups.
  • (Watertown)
    Students from Lake Area Technical Institute will be coming in to monitor and interact with my students.
  • (Indianapolis)
    We are doing an entire week of code through my Project Lead the Way course. We are also having a guest speaker come in to talk about coding. Lastly, I am using this week to kick off a club that I am starting in January, Girls Who Code.
  • (Frisco)
    7th and 8th grade coding classes will be going to a local elementary school and presenting about coding and sharing games they have made with 5th graders.
  • (Quincy)
    We are doing this as an entire grade level. It helps fuel interest in becoming a programmer for our robotics teams in the middle school and high school. Also, we have had students go on to summer camps and other programs after being exposed to coding through our class and Hour of Code work.
  • (Allentown)
    Event will be close to 2 hours after school, with a Makerspace "break", food, prizes, decor, and more! Members of the community will help set up to make special
  • (Oley)
    Our entire district will take part in this event. Students from our high school computer science courses will also attend the elementary school and work alongside the elementary students.
  • (South Holland)
    We have planned a school week (Dec. 4 - 8, 2017) full of fun learning activities geared towards our students learning how to code, and developing an understanding of and interest in computer science. Monday -- School-wide morning pep rally, including presentations by local high school robotics team, showing of "Code Stars" short film, presentation by Calvin's Rasberry Pi Club. Tuesday -- Pre-K thru 8th Grade students will participate in unplugged activities inspired by Code.org Wednesday -- Tech trucks from local agencies (fire, police) and Utilities (Com Ed) will visit the school. Students will have a chance to view the technology that runs them and learn how they work via computer science Thursday -- Speakers from Google, a local Makers Lab, and others will speak to students (Pre K- 8th grades) about coding and other computer science and STEAM topics Friday -- Students will participate in Hour of Code as follows: Pre-K -- Tynker Learn to Code with Peep Kindergarten -- Tynker Puppy Adventure 1st Grade -- Write Your First Program (Angry Birds Maze) 2nd Grade -- Star Wars 3rd - 5th Grades -- Disney Infinity Play Lab 6th - 8th Grades -- Minecraft Adventurer
  • (Cleveland)
    We are also offering a 12 days of code program for at home.
  • (Cleveland)
    Westpark Community will be participating in "12 Days of Code".
  • (Southwick)
    This is a special event because students taking the Exploring Computer Science class in the high school walk down to the elementary school to help facilitate the hour of code with those students.
  • (Pfafftown)
    I am beginning to teach a unit on coding in my Multimedia and Webpage Design class. I will be using the Hour of Code for a few days as part of my lesson plans.
  • (Chicago)
    Alderman will be coming to visit, whole school assembly to culminate hour of code week
  • (Eufaula)
    We are doing this system wide. Parents are involved. High School students are coming to help elementary students.
  • (Abilene)
    Activities for students/faculty/staff to choose from that are plugged in, hands-on, or unplugged activities. Complete one hour of activities to earn your Hour of Code button.
  • (Austin)
    We will be partnering with Google, Silicon Labs, and Conde Nast to bring provide mentors for our students.
  • (Marlinton)
    My 4th grade students, who have been working on coding activities throughout the year, will be acting as mentors during our hour of code activities. The student mentors will be traveling to each classroom in the school to "share" code with all students. Parents are being invited into several of the rooms to watch their children and participate as well. All students who participate will be given a certificate in celebration of our coding event. We are working on a possible field trip to another school to share coding with their students as well as a potential visit from computer science students at our local high school.
  • (Fisher)
    Whole district is participating
  • (Benton)
    I'm requesting students to get involved by announcing this even on Google Classroom.
  • (Fort Worth)
    For the second year in a row, we will team up with software developers from Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. to introduce and build on coding skills to our 3rd-5th grade students. Each student will have an opportunity to work side by side with real computer programmers and learn the importance of problem solving skills in the real world.
  • (Santa Barbara)
    robotics and engineering activities extended into Jan/Feb.
  • (Seattle)
    The Hour of Code helps us bring the Opportunity Gap closer!
  • (Manchester)
    College students will partner with elementary school students to complete tutorials. The elementary school students will be presented with certificates of achievement and other prizes upon completion.
  • (Newtown)
    We will be inviting parents and families of our school to participate in a variety of activities, as suggested by Code.org. Each classroom teacher will participate in a 30-minute grade-level-specific online task through Code.org. Parents will be encouraged to participate before and after school in the above mentioned activities.
  • (Asheville)
    Se llevará a las escuelas de medio superior de la Región Cañada, en Teotitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca
  • (Mesquite)
    we plan to get every student of our small school in rural southern New Mexico involved in the Hour of Code. We are inviting parents and our community to be a part of the event. My goal is to help our students explore the world of STEm and let them be a part of an important movement. This could help our district see that we at Mesquite Elementary are taking the future of our student seriously and want them to leave school with skills that will enable them to change the world.
  • (Orangeburg)
    We are eager to allow our students to explore the world of STEM!
  • (Oakland)
    This will be my 4th graders first opportunity to learn how to code. Also my first as well!
  • (Gadsden)
    Our program is a gifted program. We have students from each of the 8 schools in the district to participate in the hour of code. We will have different students participate each day in the hour of code. We offer opportunities for coding to our students year round through code.org, ozobots, dash and dot.
  • (Waco)
    CS Field Trip, which includes an Hour of Code with the HS students mentoring 6th grade students 12/06/17; CS Community Showcase on Tuesday, 12/05/17 6:30pm for the entire district (& during lunch for MHS students)
  • (Cheyenne)
    We will be having members from our Department of Education, members from our community, and more here to help celebrate Hour of Code
  • (Cheyenne)
    Members from Department of Ed, community members, and more!
  • (Cheyenne)
    Members from the Department of Education, community members, and more
  • (Grapevine)
    Dedicated time period where teachers will teach hour of code lessons, and introduce opportunities in coding.
  • (Savannah)
    We want our 21st Century students to participate in this event. 21st Century is an after school program that reaches sixty students at my school.
  • (Indianapolis)
    We have a Student Resource Time (SRT). We will be doing it during this period on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.
  • (Austin)
    Our students will have multiple opportunities to work further in coding throughout the year.
  • (Banning)
    Schools will be doing the hour of code to learn more about computer science.
  • (Aiken County)
    My district, Aiken County Schools, is trying to get all schools involved.
  • (Columbus)
    Students will participate in an hour of code that will last 3 periods and end will a program to highlight our magnet students
  • (El Paso)
    Our entire district, Ysleta ISD, participates in the Hour of Code Challenge. This will be our third year participating. At my campus, we offer additional time in the morning and afternoons for the students to code in the computer lab or to use their one-to-one student devices in the gym all week long. This year we have set up three level of coding to encourage student engagement. In short, level one earns them a certificate and badge; level two earns them a free dress day, level three earns them popcorn and drink party with the raffling of two Ozobots.
  • (London)
    Every grade level and student in our school participates in the lessons with code.org and we teach a Project Lead the Way computer science module to all students where we spend at least 5 -6 weeks during our science lessons in learning coding with several apps and websites. We use Scratch Jr, Hopscotch, Tynker apps and Scratch and Tynker websites also.
  • (Corbin)
    This event will be a hook that will get my students interested as an intro into beginning CCGA.
  • (Honolulu)
    Team Lokahi students will be programming Ozobots and working with littleBits, Makeymakey kits, etc.
  • (Houston)
    Hour of Code is integrated in our daily Computer Science Classes.
  • (Oceanside)
    Oceanside Unified School District is encouraging it's teachers to participate in the Hour of Code. It will include other events and activities that are forthcoming.
  • (Garden Valley)
    We currently don't have any coding classes or opportunities for our students. We're using the Hour of Code to kick off a push to include as many students who are even remotely interested to code anything they want to see where it takes them.
  • (El Paso)
    Schools across our district will be participating in an Hour of Code event from Dec. 4-8. Our district media department will be visiting schools to take pictures to publicize this event on Dec. 6th.
  • (Richmond)
    Our district events will use Clever, Google Classroom, and other online website to connect and include every student.
  • (Florence)
    My district is participating in a Hour of Code event on Dec. 5th.
  • (Little Elm)
    I am inviting our Mayor (of Little Elm) and every school in our district to participate.
  • (Los Angeles)
    Our event will involve software engineers from the Silicon Beach community, as well as parents of our students who work in Computer Science on translation software. Additionally, we plan to continue to offer the opportunity on a weekly basis in the classroom to continue their growing education and interest in Computer Science. Many of our students do not have access to a computer outside of school, especially our minority students, and for them this will be a unique opportunity to be introduced to a field that was otherwise unknown to them.
  • (Stafford)
    We are inviting all schools to participate in the hour of code. Computer Science students and Computer Science Honor Society students are teaching the hour of code in non-cs classrooms.
  • (New Brunswick)
    I am a computer teacher and am co-advisor for the Coding Club which meets every Wednesday after school. And I will be devoting four class periods during Computer Science Education Week (12/4-12/10) to the Hour of Code. I meet with my students every other day (white days/blue days) for 40 minutes. So two class periods for each day type will cover it. We did this last year. I'm excited!!
  • (New Brunswick)
    I have 155 students who take my computer class on white days and blue days in 40 minute classes. So each group will be devoted to Hour of Code for two periods. We did this last year. I am excited!!
  • (Fort Mill)
    The school librarian and technology teacher will host an entire month of special coding activity sessions for all students to participate in
  • (Lancaster)
    The entire School District of Lancaster will be participating in this event.
  • (Canyon)
    CHS hosted all of the 4th graders from our feeder schools to participate in Hour of Code.
  • (Windham)
    We will be planning other special events to go beyond the hour.
  • (Jasper)
    Our high school AP computer science class students (using the code.org AP curriculum) are going into our elementary classrooms to inspire students and teach a lesson for the Hour of Code. 16 high school mentors will mentor and inspire 500+ kids in grades 1-4 one classroom and one code.org lesson at a time. We are so excited!
  • (Brooklyn)
    We are in G4 change so many students will be designing their own game during our week long hackathon. We are in the United States but the country section is too slow.
  • (Ferriday)
    A school technology committee will be organizing a community STEM/STEAM Night for parents, students, and community members.
  • (Wilkes-Barre)
    This will be the first time that my computer literacy classes will be working on Coding this year. I believe the students will be very excited to be taking part in this type of learning.
  • (Springfield Township)
    All teachers and students in our Pre-K through 2nd grade will be participating in the Hour of Code
  • (Compton)
    District Expo will be held and Awards for Congressional App Challenge
  • (Ontario)
    our school district, Ontario-Montclair is asking schools to participate in the hour of code.
  • (Hickory)
    My 6th grade class will use on a week long unit on problem solving, following directions and team work. Unplugged activities are planned as well.
  • (Emsworth)
    At Holy Family Academy, students will spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week learning about coding basics. On Thursday, they will participate in Hour of Code activities in their math classes, building projects and games that can be submitted for prizes. After this, many classes will embrace what was learned and all content areas will embed coding throughout all classrooms.
  • (Delavan)
    Our entire School District will be touched by Coding over the next 2 weeks. Students are being challenged to discuss coding with another person ourside of the district and tracking how many people have been touched. Each school will have a "Blockly Thermometer" to keep track. We will track from Dec. 4- Dec. 17. 2017.
  • (Lake in the Hills)
    All K-5 classes will be participating in computer science and coding for multiple weeks during library media classes.
  • (South Burlington)
  • (North Ridgeville)
    We are having our 2nd annual full district Hour of Code Celebration! We will be partnering again with Hyland and local businesses to honor coding as an essential part of K-12 Curriculum. This event will incorporate a variety of coding applications including robotics to enhance the coding curriculum that the district already incorporated into instruction.
  • (Menlo Park)
    All four of our district's schools will participate in coding lessons during this week.
  • (Eagan)
    All schools in ISD191 are participating in The Hour of Code and we are having a family night of coding on December 7th.
  • (Boston)
    We will be launching our school wide use of Kodable.org for K-5.
  • (El Cajon)
    The entire Cajon Valley Union School district will participate
  • (Greenburgh)
    We are a Pre-K-12 District that will devote the day to coding. We are inviting community members, specifically our local first responders, who will be taught how to code by our students
  • (Los Angeles)
    Our students will participate in a student-led Hour of Code at Bancroft Middle School. Bancroft Middle School has embraced computer science for every student. Our event is a celebration for all students who have not experienced computer science. Currently, all 7th and 8th graders experience CS Discoveries. These students will showcase their exciting projects and support leading the HOC sessions. We have invited all of our district representatives (local and central) and other important stakeholders that can support LAUSD in bringing computer science to every student.
  • (Chicago)
    We are hosting an Hour of Code within are Career and Technical Education department. We will be mentoring other students in our school from cross curriculum's.
  • (Muskegon)
    Muskegon Area Intermediate School District Our students at the Career Tech Center will be traveling to elementary schools and hosting Hour of Code for students across the county.
  • (Athens)
    My students will mentor elementary students and teach the hour of code. I will introduce the event, but my students will facilitate the learning. They have been working with CS Discoveries and this gives them a real-life connection to the curriculum
  • (Purcellville)
    High School Computer Science students will be coming to assist the Elementary Students.
  • (Frisco)
    Our district is implementing this across all of the technology classes district-wide.
  • (Farmington Hills)
    I teach CS at two high schools in our district. Each student will be participating in the Hour of Code by facilitating a CS / Coding experience with someone 10 years younger and someone 10 years older in our community with no prior coding experience. Students will reflect on the experience and then we will make a short video to help us highlight the importance of CS education in our community and to help promote our classes. Thanks.
  • (Wendell)
    Our 5th graders are taking a field trip to Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design to participate in pair programming activities with 9th and 10th graders.
  • (Brooklyn)
    First Hour of Code event at P. S. 159 in East New York, Brooklyn, NYC. Students will be teaching other students, parents and hopefully elected community officials from the community how to code. We also plan to have another hour of code this school year in June. Teachers are excited to use An Hour of Code to increase their student self esteem.
  • (Leawood)
    We are currently using code.org and the community has donated some old computers for us to use to build our own computer and code. We are also using the raspberry pi 3 to create video games and to bring code to life in our school and community. We would like to use this week to create games that can be played during break and lunch via the television in an interactive manner. THis is an extension of what we are already teaching and plan to use code and code.org through the year
  • (Los Angeles)
    This is the first year teachers are using technology in their classroom school wide. The devices are still shared among several teachers, but the drive is to move forward and integrate technology into classroom practice. That being said, we will have teacher training, "coding buddies" (where upper graders will partner code with lower grades), and Code with a Parent day.
  • (Latham)
    My four high school classes of Computer Science students will be going over to an elementary school in the district and teaching all the third graders some code for a morning. My h.s. students will also be running a promotion for that week for any high school students to come to our lab on their free period and learn some code.
  • (Macomb)
    Every Utica Community Schools media center teacher will be conducting the Hour of Code in their schools. There are 25 elementary schools in our district that will be encouraging computer science for all.
  • (Rogers)
    Our event includes members of the community and special visitors that will come watch and/or help students as they do the hour of code. Parents will be invited to come watch or code along with their child.
  • (Shelby charter Township)
    Every elementary school in our district, the second largest district in the state, will be participating.
  • (Oak Grove)
    High School Computer Science students will facilitate Hour of Code at local elementary school.
  • (Rochester)
    Students in lower school will bring their parents for a family code night. Middle and upper school will do an hour of code school-wide, coached by students in computer science classes.
  • (Homestead)
    I have students that will mentor middle school students in the community
  • (Chicago)
    4th Grade students at Linne Elementary will host an "Hour of Code for Parents" event. They will present in English and Spanish, demonstrating the 4 objectives of computer science they are working on in their technology class, and will work on code.org activities with their parents.
  • (West Nyack)
    Eighth grade students will peer mentor a mixed class of first, second and third grade students during the Hour of Code week.
  • (York)
    The 3rd Annual "Coding Express" will take place on Wednesday, November 29th, from 6-7pm at Coastal Ridge Elementary. This Polar Express-themed event is an evening of hot cocoa, cookies, and computer coding for the entire family! Don't forget to wear your PJ's! (I'm the Technology Teacher/Coach for 2 schools, and I'm due to have a baby on Dec. 6th, so we're hosting this a week early in hopes that I can still be around!)
  • (Central Falls)
    This is our second year at the high school officially teaching computer science intro courses. We plan to continue to build the excitement for CS Education across the district by doing what we did last year: We are having our Intro to CS high school students go into Elementary and Middle school classrooms in our district to help facilitate the Hour of Code with teachers district-wide! It was a huge success last year so we are hoping to improve in some areas and have another successful year!
  • (Scarborough)
    We will kickoff Computer Science in Education week with an assembly to build excitement amongst students then all students will participate in multiple coding experience. This will begin our computer science curriculum: Code.org for the year.
  • (Modesto)
    You may have heard of Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code. This year Computer Science Week will be the week of December 4th. On the evening of December 5th I am hosting a Computer Science Rally at Enochs High in Modesto. It will be a time for me and my students to showcase to parents and the public all the cool stuff that students are learning in Computer Science, from AP Computer Science Principles to the Robotics Team to the Girls Who Code club.
  • (Roselle)
    This is our first district-wide Hour of Code for all 1st-8th graders. Our district will be coding on Friday, December 8th and we are very excited to join this important opportunity for our students!
  • (Fresno)
    Central Unified is working with the entire district to have every student participate, we are 1 to 1 with Chromebooks. This will involve over 15,000 students and 23 schools.
  • (Berryville)
    We are going to have all of our schools participate. two Elementary, one middle and one high school.
  • (Austin)
    University of Texas Computer Science students visit Perez Elementary to work on Hour of Code activities. We also host a family Evening of Code event to introduce computer science to the entire family!
  • (York)
    During CS Ed Week Central York School District encourages all teachers to try Hour of Code activities with their students. We have staff and students at all grade levels participating. In addition we have an evening event for district families. Details available here: https://goo.gl/N7J38q.
  • (Anchorage)
    All students will participate in HOC in core classes totaling five hours of coding for the week. At the end of CSED week, the entire school will participate in a STEM Challenge of Karel the Robot modified from the CS Unplugged lesson. Members of the community will participate as human "robots" for the students to program.The Air Force will present in an assembly their bomb disposal robots to the student body. Students will be directed on how to control the bomb disposal robots. As a culmination, students will code NCLabs HOC Karel the Robot for 40 minutes.
  • (Verona)
    We have coordinated a special event between our school and the local high school. Computer science students from the high school will visit K-5 classrooms and assist students and elementary teachers with coding projects.
  • (Lititz)
    We are implementing the Code.org Curriculum our K-6 Classrooms in the Warwick School District in January. We have teachers that will use Code.org Hour of Code to launch the curriculum.
  • (Itasca)
    District middle school students are traveling to the primary building to teach first and second graders coding ... then the second graders will teach the kindergartners and preschoolers.
  • (Aurora)
    In addition to school-wide H.O.C. activities, during Computer Science Education week I will be sponsoring a "Girls Only" Coding party after school. This will be the 3rd consecutive year for the "Girls Only" event. Snacks, Prizes, Guest Speakers, Coding Activity Stations and lots of fun for everyone! At Granger Middle School we know girls can code and are trying to make a difference in the number of girls signing up for tech classes and pursuing computer science careers!
  • (Morris County)
    A small group of my fourth graders will visit the middle school in my district to learn about the S.T.E.A.M. projects that they have created. They will also see the lego robotics projects that were coded. They will take photos and videos using iPads. Upon return to the school, they will create a Google Slide deck to share with the school during a kick-off assembly. During the Hour of Code lessons, older students will go into the primary classes to assist the younger students as they experience coding. Students will be encouraged to code at home as well and to share their finished projects with the teacher to be showcased on the computer lab website. Then, students can play the games coded by other students.
  • (Clute)
    Brazosport ISD is a 1:1 district that provides a Chromebooks for each student in all grades, and all of our campuses participate in Hour of Code in some capacity. Our campus, Clute Intermediate, will be hosting a special week of Hour of Code activities including coding in each core class, a "Coding Cafe" before school, and the launch of our campus "Girls Who Code" after-school club. Students from our campus attend Brazoswood High School, and there are currently NO African American girls enrolled in computer science courses. Clute Intermediate is using our Hour of Code week to promote CS to all students, with a special emphasis on girls of color. We are a title I campus in an underprivileged area with 65% of our students receiving free/reduced lunch prices. We would love to be featured as a special event!
  • (West Lawn)
    We are going to be having students participate in their classes for an hour of code using code.org and other apps for our students. Then they will also be able to attend a session where they will program our Dash, Dot, and Sphero robots. Other students will be using the iPads to code on the Osmo systems. We will be sharing this with our WHSA (PTO) who will be experiencing it during a meeting. This kicks off our big computer programming unit for the students in grades K - 5. We are excited!
  • (Tuskegee)
    George Washington Carver Elementary School will host an Hour of Code for the first time. The event will occur all week long and culminate on Friday, as well as extend to the 21st Century Community Learning Center in the afternoon. Parents and the entire district and community will be invited to participate. We will set up stations for parents in the library if they would like to participate at the school.
  • (Bakersfield)
    Our school district is celebrating the hour of code again this year. We will make it an exciting part of our class instruction. I personally teach students with moderate to severe autism and my students really fell in love with the hour of code last year. Now I make it part of our weekly class instruction and we use sites such as www.code.org among others.
  • (Harnett County)
    We will have over 23,000 students and staff coding during this week-long event.
  • (Fishers)
    Family Reading Night will have various coding opportunities for families to do together.
  • (Yelm)
    We are doing a district hour of code where all elementary, middle and high schools will host an event.
  • (West Covina)
    I will be inviting my students' family members to come into the classroom and participate in the Hour of Code with their child. This event will also kick off weekly coding in the classroom.
  • (Dover)
    This is our 4th year participating as a whole district. Everyone gets involved including our students, administrators, and staff.
  • (Weiser)
    Each school in our district will be participating. The local PBS station will be covering the events at Pioneer Elementary, and many local papers will be covering as the high school students help intermediate school students to code!
  • (Fayetteville)
    Technology Committee will be hearing from teachers who had integrated coding in the classroom. Middle school students in addition to high school programming students will participate. 4th graders will be creating games for kindergarteners.
  • (Eufaula)
    Eufaula City Schools CSD and AP CSP students from high school will facilitate Hour of Code with students at Primary School and Elementary School; they will spend half day at each school AP CSP and ECS students will facilitate Hour of Code at high school during math classes one day of the week ECS students from high school and CSD students from middle school will facilitate Hour of Code with students at middle school “Eufaula City Schools CODE the Night” - Community event being held at local Chamber of Commerce building after annual Christmas Parade; coding activities for all age groups (plugged and unplugged) facilitated by high school CS students, CS teachers, and volunteers from the community; food trucks on site; if weather permits some of the coding activities will happen under the stars (outside) Considering taking high school AP CSP and CSD students to assisted living facility to facilitate Hour of Code
  • (Bristol)
    Out entire district - 5 elementary schools and one 7-12 Middle/High School will participate this year! Elementary Schools: Lincoln Community School Robinson ELementary School Monkton Central School Beeman Elementary School Bristol Elementary School
  • (Pasco)
    All schools in Pasco School District, Pasco, Wa are participating
  • (Kansas City)
    Our entire district will be participating in this year's Hour of Code event.
  • (Gloucester City)
    We will be have high school students mentoring elementary school students during this event
  • (Issaquah)
    Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code is coming soon! We will celebrate Grace Hopper's birthday 12/9/1906, by participating in the HOUR of CODE across the Issaquah School District. We've planned a bunch of new opportunities for K-12 students, teachers, support staff, and administrators to get involved! I'm excited to share a quick preview with you now. 12/4 - Open house for administrators and admin office staff to learn about Hour of Code and the opportunities that schools are providing to our students. 12/4-12/8 - Schools participate in Hour of Code activities at their school sites 12/8 - Live Computer Science themed Webinars all day long. Sign-up for one of our different sessions featuring speakers from industry professionals to ISD school students.
  • (Yelm)
    We are doing a district hour of code where all elementary, middle and high schools will host an event. Primary contact for this event: kathryn_cullum@ycs.wednet.edu
  • (Bryceville)
    We have invited a military member to discuss STEM careers and how he personally uses coding and other technology skills for a schoolwide assembly. We are doing an hour of code and taking a "byte" with a special treat in the cafeteria.
  • (Fort Atkinson)
    All of our students in the entire school participate in coding activities during their library and technology skills classes. We will also be hosting our third annual Coding/Technology Family Night which will involve our entire school an their families. We invite families to learn coding activities with their children. This has been such a successful event the last two years and we are expanding the activities we are offering. We have partnered with our local high school and have their computer science students volunteer as well as have businesses in the community to help enhance our event each year.
  • (Winston-Salem)
    Elementary student members of our STEM Club will teach other classes of students how to code on this day. They are practicing weeks ahead to be leaders in coding.
  • (Carmel-by-the-Sea)
    The computer science principles students at Carmel High School, Carmel, Indiana will present a Winter Wonderland of animations they developde with C# and Visual Studio, and also Python. We always invite the elementary school students, and it s awesome to see the reactions to the music and animations.
  • (North Royalton)
    My class will be inviting their parents, or special guest, to their Hour of Code. The students are the teachers and they will be teaching their adult how to code!
  • (Carrollton)
    Our Newman Smith Computer Science students will travel to McCoy Elementary to teach a coding lesson to elementary school students.
  • (Burnsville)
    Family Coding Night for our whole district
  • (Milwaukee)
    120+ students from K5-5th grades will participate in an hour of code event. The event will include opportunities for the students to showcase what they learn in front of their fellow classmates!
  • (Peck)
    Peck Community School is a small, rural, PreK-12 grade building. We take pride in our close knit school community and plan to have as many students as possible participate in Hour of Code Week.
  • (Hasbrouck Heights)
    Students will be working with Spheros, Ozobots, and Online Programs on there Chromebooks and Tablets while tying in many aspects to Astronomy, Space Science, and and other various curriculum planes. The students will be coding Spheros while learning about the Geography of Mars and the Moon - then code the sphero to move to the designated spots.
  • (New Hyde Park)
    I am the enrichment teacher for all 5 schools in my district and I will be engaging all of my students in the Hour of Code to introduce coding, We will then continue coding and programming throughout the year. I just ordered a set of Dash and Dot and can't wait to get started using them!
  • (Tampa)
    Students will use the skills obtained in the hour of code to help them: solve problems during Lego Robotics STEM lessons --and-- to generate a 'product' that demonstrates their learning for classroom projects. (Activities may include PBL, enrichment projects, and IB Summative projects for our central Idea)
  • (Wilmot)
    We will be doing Hour of Code for 1 week and our plan is to have our feeder schools participate with our high school students.
  • (Ephrata)
    We run classroom Hour of Code activities in grades K-12 every year. We are gearing up for our 3rd annual, district-wide student coding contest, which will take place in March of 2018!
  • (Martinsville)
  • (Tampa)
    The N.A.P.S. Club (Girl Empowerment) will lead this event for girls but it is not the entire school. My District has been encourage to participate.
  • (Longmont)
    Middle school programming students will be teaching the rest of the school k-8 and we will be bringing in some homeschool students to join us in learning an Hour of Code.
  • (Washington)
  • (North Attleborough)
    6th Grade - Grade wide event annually. Pull over volunteers from the high school to assist our students. Great week!!! Thank you so much!
  • (Mount Penn)
    Student, parents and administrators will be participating in Hour of Code this year!
  • (West Reading)
    Our 5th and 6th grade students will continue their experience for the remainder of the second quarter through code.org and Swift Playgrounds. For third quarter, students will build on their coding knowledge and apply it to coding various robotics.
  • (Burnsville)
    Family Night of Code with various stations/activities for families with students kindergarten through senior high.
  • (Otsego)
    We are going to do a code-a-thon. Students will sign up for an 30 minute slots to code, so then coding will go on the entire school day.
  • (Billings)
    We will be hosting a STEM Saturday hour of code family event on Saturday, December 9 from 12:30-4pm at Ben Steele Middle School to give the Billings community an opportunity to have their 1st experience with code, enhance their coding skills, or share their coding knowledge with their family and others.
  • (Delran)
    Delran Township Schools are part of a national STEM Ecosystem Initiative: http://www.innovationnj.net/innovation-news/delran-stem-ecosystem-alliance-named-to-national-stem-learning-ecosystem We continue to grow and expand our K-12 course offerings to include real world application of code integrated into instruction, including training our teachers to use code and to 3D print. This is our third year hosting district wide events to celebrate the Hour of Code.
  • (Laramie)
    We will be hosting a Family Code Night as well as offering coding activities for every student in our school throughout the week. We are inviting members of our community as well as school district administrators and school board members to learn how to code. Students will be "teaching" the adults.
  • (Lemon Grove)
    We will be hosting a family coding night in addition to the hour. We are planning on our whole district to participate.
  • (Sacramento)
    We will be having a Family Coding Night event where family and neighbors are invited in.
  • (Federal Way)
    Event will include STEM workshops including robotics and engineering to showcase the power of coding.
  • (Winnemucca)
    Students will engage in Hour of Code activities all week long in their Computer Literacy classes. Our district head tech will be a special speaker. Parents, district staff, school staff, and other community members will visit and participate. We will look at careers in and out of the state.
  • (Ladson)
    Our school will be hosting an evening of code where parents are invited to participate in the Hour of Code with their student. We will have local professional volunteers to circulate and assist.
  • (Flemington)
    We host district wide Hour of Code Nights where students can come and teach their family how to code.
  • (Soledad)
  • (Lennox)
    Our district is striving for 100% participation as well as launching a coding competition. There will be assemblies, a computer cart decorating contest, and much more.
  • (Minnetonka)
    Our whole school as well as other schools in our district. We will also be inviting in community members and family members to share information with students around coding.
  • (Reynoldsburg)
    Our district participates in Hour of Code each year. Schools and individual teachers have the choice of how much they want to participate and what activities they will do to participate. Some schools have competitions and some let the classroom teachers make the most of the week, therefore, there is not always 100% participation, but for those that do it's a fantastic opportunity for the students to explore and learn about computer science.
  • (Atlanta)
    Over 1500 students..2 to 5 yrs of age...in 13 schools....in 9 North Georgia Counities and Metro Atlanta SMART Academy Center of Excellence
  • (Hollywood)
    Family night hour of code where students recruit other students and members of the community to come in for a dinner and an Hour of Code session.
  • (Dallas)
    As the STEM Coach, I would like this to last for the week in my entire district with students from all of the schools using the code.org curriculum. I am planning on having older students partner up with younger students, and possibly have high school students work with elementary students. I would also love to have some guest speakers come into some of the fifth grade classrooms to talk about it as a career.
  • (Iraan)
    My high school computer science classes will be working with students at the Elementary school and the Junior High School to complete an Hour of Code.
  • (Henderson)
    Family Tech Night on Dec. 4 to welcome students to share with their families the coding experience.
  • (Sioux City)
    Loess Hills Elementary school is a specialty school for computer programming. Kids K-5 integrate coding into their curriculum each week. Loess Hills Elementary school will be bussing students to schools around their district to have students teaching other schools how to code. Student will be sharing projects and games that they have created with community members and local officials around the city. Over 700 students will be doing an hour of code each day Dec. 4-8!
  • (Fort Collins)
    We will use Hour of Code as a starting point for a whole unit on code/computer science, from counting in binary to game design.
  • (Simi Valley)
    We will be hosting the Hour of Code across our district for our fourth year in a row, from elementary levels through high school.
  • (Tacoma)
    We will be doing a career fair in the morning of December 8th before lunch and hour of code school wide after lunch. the morning will include guest speakers, a business trade show, college/tech school information, tours of our local skills center in Pierce County, and a trip to the high school to check out CTE classes for our 8th graders. We value coding and career readiness!
  • (Mount Prospect)
    Our event will be student run and is presented to children and parents in grades k-8. In three years of hosting a student led community event, Prospect HS has hosted nearly 400 k-8th grade students and their parents/guardians. Our program requires children and parents/guardians to sit side by side and experience this wonderful opportunity together with the hopes that it will spur dialogue and further exploration beyond our walls.
  • (Sun Prairie)
    December Family Fun Night Friday Night Lessons k- 5 throughout week
  • (Orem)
    Students will engage adults and teach them!
  • (Austin)
    District wide Hour of Code Event
  • (Garland)
    We will host a week long Hour of Code across the district during the Computer Science Week, December 4-8, 2017.
  • (Jemison)
    Parents and school officials will visit our gifted classroom during Computer Science Week to learn what their children are doing with coding. Students will teach their parents coding skills and show off their own projects.
  • (Glenside)
    All grades in our district will participate in the Hour of Code.
  • (Santa Clarita)
    12 schools across the William S Hart School District will be participating in the Hour of Code during code week. Many of our Jr High schools will have 100% participation and our high schools usually reach a large number of students as well. My high school is trying have 1 department host the hour of code to reach as many to all of the students in the school.
  • (Denville)
    We invited community memberse (the mayor, police, fire fighters, etc...) and are also hosting an Hour of Code Family Night the same week.
  • (Marshalltown)
    We are having a district wide coding event at night.
  • (Friendswood)
    This will be a kick-off event for a Coding Club that will be help before school. This will also be the kick-off for my classes of identified gifted & talented students. We will then incorporate the Hour of Code into our weekly lessons.
  • (Fort Smith)
    Members of the community and local high school will partner with students to participate.
  • (Sugarcreek)
    The entire district will be participating!
  • (Holmen)
    We will be looking to involve our building students and families on a coding night hosted at school where students and parents can code side by side. Along with the hour of code, we will incorportate activities that incorporate critical thinking and show how coding can be used in robotics as well as other tasks. We hope to highlight some parents/community members that utilize coding on a daily basis.
  • (Sheffield)
    We are working with the local high school AP Computer Science students. They develop lessons and are visiting our campus and leading the instruction with our upper elementary students
  • (Wellsville)
    The entire school district will be participating.
  • (Laramie County)
    This is the first year the Laramie County School District has adopted the Code.org program. This is initiative to get students prepared for Computer Science careers in the future. Hopefully this will stimulate Wyoming's economy by educating its youth to work in an industry revolved around technology.
  • (Hesperia)
    The whole school district will be participating in the hour of code.
  • (Covington)
    The Newton County School System Technology Department is excited to present, Code Like a Girl Day! This year, we have the grand opportunity to host a computer science conference exclusively for girls. At this conference, our girls will learn how to code, create blogs, make a YouTube channel, record and edit videos, and create websites. In addition, there will also be dynamic keynote speakers who will inspire, encourage, empower and motivate our girls to be their personal best.
  • (Rensselaer)
  • (Farmington)
  • (Yorktown Heights)
  • (Brooklyn)
    Student who are in the coding after school club will help their fellow classmates learn to code.
  • (Hershey)
    This event is a district wide coding event.
  • (Anaheim)
    Our district, Anaheim Elementary School District, hosts a Scratch Off competition for video game design and animation. We are launching a site Scratch Team to compete in the May 2nd District event. 24 elementary schools are invited to the competition. Our Orange Grove Scratch Club will meet afterschool on Fridays beginning January 12th, 2018.
  • (North College Hill)
    It will involve all girls in an attempt to inspire girls to pursue math and science careers.
  • (Boston)
    After my ESL students have participated in Hour of Code in class, I will be hosting an after school event on December 14th so families can come participate in activities with their children.
  • (Tewksbury)
    We will be continuing our Hour of Code study in our "Future Ready" class to help our students be prepared for their future. The Merrimack Center is a Joint Commission-accredited Intensive Residential Treatment Program (IRTP) specializing in trauma informed care for youth between the ages of 13-18, who are coping with serious mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and challenging behaviors. Our goal is to build on each individual's potential to overcome behavioral challenges, learn social skills, and build competencies.
  • (Richmond)
    Our entire Chesterfield County Public School system is participating in Hour of Code. Today, my classes of sixth graders are officially participating.
  • (Bowman)
    Because my whole district is doing this hour of code
  • (Boerne)
    Actividades en las que los estudiantes solo tiene que usar un aparato electrónico y su mente para crear cosas super increíbles!!!
  • (Chicago)
    The Anatomy class will be taking the code beyond an hour and build an app that will assist them in their studies.
  • (Charlotte)
    The City of Charlotte is partnering with the school district to provide youth in IT pathways with a "Code n Chew."
  • (Holbrook)
    Students will be coding throughout the day. We have invited Elementary students to come and code with us. On Wednesday, December 6, families and community members are invited to participate in the Hour of Code Event. Our goals for the Hour of Code Week is to reach 1000 hours of Code.
  • (Smyrna)
    The State of Georgia is hosting an Hour of Code on Dec 8th.
  • (Chicago)
    This is the first time our entire school will be coding with parents!
  • (South Portland)
    Our school is hosting The Day of Code, a Saturday event where fifty students from across the district will rotate through coding workshops led by technology integrators, classroom teachers and community technology leaders. Students will engage in codings, 3D printing, tinkering and will even be given 20% time to follow their interests in computer science. This annual event is open to students in grades 3-5 from across the city of South Portland. Organizer Corinne Altham combines her experience as a camp director with her love of teaching kids with technology. Students will leave The Day of Code with a list of resources so they can continue their coding journey at home.
  • (Chillicothe)
    We have been participating in the Ohio STEM Learning Networks Twitter Coding Race with children teaching adults how to code. See these tweets at @SCOPESUnioto
  • 23javoortiz (Mount Vernon)
    because like I want to make games like billiard entertainment they made games like world of warcraft and hearthstones and even overwatch and strat craft. And 2 and 3 and, heroes of the storm because I fell like I can make I want to program and everything like that.
  • A&Q Gifted and Talented Academy (Brookline)
    We will simply be continuing on with as much as can be learned after the One Hour -- we will utilize the resources on the site year round!
  • After School Program - Shaker Heights School (Shaker Heights)
    Inviting parents to code with their kids to help encourage STEM programming.
  • Alabama STEM Education (http://www.alabamastemeducation.org/) (Bessemer)
    Alabama STEM Education (http://www.alabamastemeducation.org/) and Auburn University will organize 2 joint events for elementary and middle school underserved students from Bessemer, AL area.
  • Anchorage School District (Conway)
    We are inviting district leaders, school board, and teachers to draw awareness to computer science (event will be open to public)
  • Asheboro City Schools (Asheboro)
    Asheboro City Schools kicks off the week with an Hour(s) of Code family night where students and families engage in learning code and computer science activities together. Throughout the week, each school conducts special events to highlight coding and coding careers.
  • Ashland Independent Schools (Ashland)
    Wednesday, December 6th has been declared "Hour of Code" Day in the Ashland Independent Schools. Events will take place in all 7 of our schools. Our STEM specialists in each elementary along with our engineering teachers at the middle and high school will the lead the charge in promoting computer science encouraging students to investigate the field as a possible career pathway.
  • Baltimore Robotics Center (Lutherville-Timonium)
    This event is open to the public and will have attendees from all over the greater Baltimore area. We also will be having follow on coding activities and clubs.
  • Bay Haven School of Basics Plus (Sarasota)
    Our 3rd annual Hour of Code week will be bigger & better than ever! We are partnering with our local Microsoft Store, New College of Florida, local IT professionals and entrepreneurs, and community members to bring a 360 degree experience to our students. Each one of our 600 students will spend one hour engaged in coding activities over the course of the week. The Microsoft Store will reward our students with "bling" to reward their efforts. IT professionals will open the eyes of our students to the amazing career opportunities available to those who can code. Professors and students from New College of Florida will speak to our students about the educational paths to pursue a computer science degree. For the first time we will use Sphero robots (provided by the Sarasota Education Foundation) to see computer code IN ACTION!
  • Bellevue School District (Bellevue)
    Our plans are to have all students PreK-8th grade participate in CS Ed Week activities and do at least an Hour of Code. http://www.bsd405.org/about/initiatives/k12cs/hourofcode/
  • Black Girls Code (Memphis)
    Black Girls CODE invites you to Volunteer for Black Girls CODE Memphis Chapter Presents: Build a Mobile App in a Day! on Saturday, December 16th.
  • Blue Mountain Elementary School (Longmont)
    Interactive community wide event for students, parents and local business partners to showcase CSed and how they can participate and advocate
  • Bluebonnet Elementary School (Fort Worth)
    Parents will be invited to join their students while they learn coding.
  • Bothell Library (Bothell)
    This event is a part of a Girls Who Code Club.
  • Boys and Girls of Hernando County (Spring Hill)
    Students will be teaching Code.org to their parents or other community members. Some of these students were behavior issues prior to participating in Code .org. Their behaviors have changed 360 degrees. Code.org has made a large difference in our club enviroment.
  • Boys and Girls of Saint Charles (Saint Charles)
    We are organizing multiple Hour of Code events to be sure every student of the club has an opportunity to code. Our plan to host spring coding camp ( over the spring break) and robotics summer camps to allow children exploring programming much deeper.
  • Bozeman Public Library (Bozeman)
    We are hosting 10 sessions at the library for students and 1 for adults. We are also hosting 2 professional development classes for local teachers and the library staff to learn how to incorporate coding in the classroom or in the library.
  • Bresnahan School (Newburyport)
    This is such a special event because the entire school will be participating during STEM classes. The students will be doing prep lessons the week before the Hour of Code week. We did this for the first time last year and we go such positive feedback from the school, parents, and the community. The newspaper came and did an article and will be doing so as well this year. Last year I signed up right away and never got posters for the event. We would love to make sure we get them this year. Thank you
  • Brooklyn STEM Academy (Mooresville)
    This will be the 2nd year for the district wide Hour of Code. Getting every student in the MSD of Martinsville to understand the importance of learning how to code is very important.
  • Burbank School District 111 (Burbank)
    This event will be guided by a grade level from each school to all of the district. We plan on one grade in each school developing a website then reaching our to the entire district to participate in the Hour of Code!!
  • Cajon Valley Union School District (El Cajon)
    Our goal is 100% district involvement.
  • Cajon Valley Union School District (El Cajon)
    We organize a district wide Hour of Code week. Schools who participate get banners to display celebrating their participation and schools can order stickers, certificates or window clings from us to advertise teacher participation!
  • Calavera Hills Middle School (Carlsbad)
    All our middle schoolers in the district participate in the hour of code, coordinated through the science departments.
  • Center for Information Technology (Richmond)
    This will be a student planned, managed and lead event. High School students will host the event for middle school students.
  • Chappaqua PTA STEM Committee (Chappaqua)
    We will be partnering with Coditum to offer not only Hour of Code content but a more intensive Python programming 2-hour class for more advanced students. Older students will assist as teachers for this program!
  • Circle Technology Collective International (Rutland)
    CTCI is a IT Services company based out of Rutland Vermont servicing clients through out the world. We will be opening our office up to the public for multiple Hour of Code sessions during Computer Science Education week. Each session will be overseen by a professional developer.
  • Citizens Library (Washington)
    Dec. 6 & 7 (3:30-close), and Dec. 8 (all day): Families will be able to take part in a "3 Days of Coding" event, using Scratch Jr., Cubetto, Sphero, Code-a-Pillar, and more
  • CodeLNK (Lincoln)
    This is a city-wide event hosted by multiple groups in Lincoln, including Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, University of Nebraska, Nebraska Innovation Campus, and many local technology businesses. We host interactive booths and activities for students and families, along with having mentors available to help with the Hour of Code activities. Past events have drawn over 600 people.
  • Coderdojo NOVA (Fairfax)
    We'd love to have our event highlighted. Our HOC event will also feature the largest K-12 coding competition for students in grades 3-12, demos by local companies and associations, and special guests such as elected officials and high-profile coders in the DC Metro area.
  • Commerce ISD (Commerce)
    We are hosting an Hour of Code competition for every student in our district. There are individual and campus prizes awarded for participation. Lat year, our winning student was a 4th grader who wrote over 400 lines of code in a week! We gave him a Dot and Dash Robot for his hard work!
  • Computatioanl Thinkers (Honolulu)
    Computational Thinking event to showcase what other Computational Thinkers' students have done thus far in the school year. They will showcase their electronic music productions, video games and test parents, family and members of the community to solve Computational Thinking challenges.
  • Computer Science Department - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (Urbana)
    Learn about computer science with help from computer science students from UIUC!
  • Computer Science Education student organization at the University of Marlyand, Baltimore County (Baltimore)
    The CS Education student organization's Hour of Code event will span two days during CS Education week: December 4 and 5. On December 4, UMBC students will get the opportunity to try various coding activities. On December 5, we will be bringing in 10 students from Lakeland Elementary/Middle school to do the Minecraft coding activity with Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, the President of UMBC. After that, the students will engage in several breakout activities to learn about artificial intelligence and other facets of computer science.
  • Contra Costa County Office of Education (Pleasant Hill)
    We will be hosting a CS Network event for educators and community members. This event will showcase Hour of Code and other CS activities that educators can take back to their classrooms.
  • Craig City School District (Craig)
    We will be coordinating hour of code for the four school districts on Prince of Wales Island, the third largest island in the US. We hope that coding can reach all students in our part of rural SE Alaska.
  • Crested Butte Library (Crested Butte)
    The Crested Butte Library's Hour of Code will be held on Monday December 4th, 2017 from 3:30-5:00 PM. Serving students ages 6-12, this after school program will utilize the programming on hourofcode.com and code.org. Students participating will receive a certificate for their Hour of Code completion. Local computer guru Bruce Eckel, in addition to library staff, will be on hand to help students work through the coding challenges and answer questions.
  • CSEd Week: Boulder, Colorado (Boulder)
    From Saturday, December 2nd to Saturday December 9th, we’ve planned a full week of coding, robotics and tinkering workshops. Makers, hackers, artists, educators, parents, children, teenagers, adults and robots are all welcome. https://calendar.boulderlibrary.org/calendar.php?cid=3412&t=d&d=0000-00-00&ct%5B%5D=35060&cal%5B%5D=3412
  • CSTA-NM (Santa Fe)
    Hosted at the Violet Crown Cinema, we will have members of the tech industry and schools showcasing local CS talent and engaging visitors with activities.
  • D&H Distributing Co (Harrisburg)
    Distributor hosted event for our Resellers, Community, etc - for which internal Microsoft funded team, as well as internal OEM (HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Dell) device teams can do co-op efforts to drive Windows in the classroom as part of our Chrome Compete efforts.
  • Delphi Public Library (Delphi)
    We will be hosting our Hour of Code at the Delphi Public Library. It will be open to all ages from 4-6 p.m. on Friday, December 8. We are using this as a launching pad for our Girls Who Code program that will start in January. We hope that with Hour of Code, we will break down the stigma that code is scary or too hard.
  • Dessau Elementary School (Austin)
    Parents and the adjacent K-2 Primary & Middle Schools will join us along with invited community sponsors.
  • Dogwood Elementary (Porter)
    School district wide event for multiple grade levels, and a speaker is present.
  • Dove Springs Coding Academy by River City Youth Foundation (Austin)
    We are the Dove Springs Coding Academy by River City Youth Foundation. We are the only FREE year-round coding resource for low-income kids in southeast Austin. Our coding activities during this special week will inspire and provide access to children ages 5 to 17 who do not have technology at home. Coding is a beacon of light and hope in our community!
  • DXC Technology (Elizabethtown)
    Week of Hour of Code in conjunction with DXC Technology and Hardin County Kentucky Schools
  • East Fort Worth Montessori Academy (Fort Worth)
    I am inviting police officers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, programmers, architects, and business owners to come out and talk with all of our elementary school students on how they utilize technology & computer science in their fields.
  • East Valley Institute of Technology (Mesa)
    East Valley Institute of Technology - I teach about 10 different high schools (Junior and Seniors) on computer programming and technology.
  • Elbert County School District (Elberton)
    This will be our first ever District wide Hour of Code.
  • Elizabethton Carter County Public Library (Elizabethton)
    The library will have an Open House Hour of Code from Dec 5-9 each afternoon from 3 - 6pm.
  • Emporia State University (Emporia)
    This event will pair female preservice educators (college students) with middle school girls from the community. In addition to the Hour of Code, the girls will be doing additional coding activities throughout the day. It will be conducted as an all day workshop.
  • ESC-2 (Corpus Christi)
    We would like to include ALL of our regional schools in Hour of Code. We will promote the idea during our technology conference in November and offer to help facilitate in December via live events or virtual events.
  • Fairview South School (Skokie)
    We will be hosting a Family Coding Night for the first time in our district. Plans to connect it to further learning and the STEM programs at school are in the works.
  • Fanwood Memorial Library (Fanwood)
    Three programs: Coding Unplugged, Code Combat, An Hour of Code. Open to the middle school community.
  • Fort Washington Alumnae Chapter (Fort Washington)
    This event will be facilitated by a public service organization and the audience will be members of the local community (particularly children and youth). The purpose of this event is to empower, motivate and expose young people- especially minorities and girls- to the computer science field, particularly coding.
  • Frederick County Library (Frederick)
    Hour of Code: Virtual Reality - Interact with a VR headset during Hour of Code week, a global celebration of computer science.
  • Fulton & Alsbury Academy of Arts and Engineering (Lancaster)
    We are inviting a K-5 elementary school to join our middle school for Hour of Code. The older students will mentor the younger students on the advancements of coding.
  • Gilbertsville-Mt. Upton Central School (Gilbertsville)
    Family Hour of Code Elementary Students teach their Parents How to Code Saturday, December 9
  • Girl Scout Troop 8500 (Traverse City)
  • Girl Scouts (Pacific Grove)
    Girl Scout troop 30106 have been participating in Hour of Code for the last three years. This year, for their Bronze Award Service Project, they are holding an Hour of Code event for other Girl Scouts in their community. It is designed and will be run by 10 5th grade junior Girl Scouts for the almost 50 girls who've already signed up!
  • Glazer Children's Museum (Tampa)
    Glazer Children's Museum will be hosting "Geek Week" featuring a hackathon with "Everybody Code Now" and multiple workshops (starting as early as pre-reader).
  • Graduation Achievement Charter High School (Atlanta)
    This event is being offered to students who attend a fully virtual school and live throughout the state of Georgia so I was unsure how to register.
  • Grand Forks Public Library (Grand Forks)
    It is part of the STEM @ Your Library program. The December theme is coding.
  • Great Science For All (Milford)
    We will welcome all children PreK to 5th grade with an adult to learn to CODE!
  • Grifton School (Grifton)
    We are going to have a Hour of Code Family Night. We will invite community members in also to join in the fun.
  • Groton-Dunstable Regional School District (Groton)
    High school students will act as ambassadors as they travel to other schools to lead or assist with coding activities during the hour of code.
  • Hampton Elementary School (Hampton)
    We will do shared learning with dash and dot robots, STEM tech activities, and create after school activities.
  • Hand in Hand We Code (HHWC) (Sammamish)
    We are hosting: "CodeCraft 3D game to learn Python/JavaScript Special Event" using a new Hour of Code lesson. And also I'm going to introduce the whole learning program about CodeCraft by buzzcoder.com. I'm the writer of this lesson and some other CodeCraft lessons. https://hourofcode.com/bcpy2 https://www.facebook.com/handinhandwecode/ --Helen
  • Happy Family Community Services, Inc (New Haven)
    This event will bring together homeschool students of different ages and abilities, from different towns across the state of CT, for an Hour of Code!
  • HardScrabble Solutions (Presque Isle)
    I will be hosting this series as a Christmas Break half-day camp.
  • Harlingen CISD (Harlingen)
    This is Harlingen CISD first year to really embrace the Coding revolution. We have now finally received endorsement from the Administration to start exposing and teaching our students the language know as CODE! We (the Teachers) are so excited that we are getting our students ready for the future!
  • Home (Newington)
    A humongous amount of school kids are coming for a meeting.
  • Idea Foundry (Columbus)
    Hour of Code: Maker Edition Columbus will be hosted by multiple groups who are passionate about computer science education for all. In addition to Hour of Code tutorials and activities, we will have stations where guests can interact with 3D printers, virtual reality and drones. This event will be hosted at the Idea Foundry, Columbus's maker space which is located in a growing city neighborhood that is diverse and vibrant. We will open the event to the public. This event is hosted by CoverMyMeds, Local Tech Heroes, Idea Foundry and participating organizations will include Hack OHI/O, IC3D, Knockout Concepts and Multivarious Games amongst others.
  • Inclusive World (Milpitas)
    Inclusive World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to enable differently abled teens and young adults to lead productive lives. We train differently abled youth in vocational skills based on their interest and abilities. We offer Scratch Programming and Software testing courses to differently abled youth. We will work on a Scratch game program for Hour of Code. We would like to showcase the abilities of differently abled youth and we hope that some of our will be inspired to become Software Engineers!
  • ISD 791 Community Education (Harrisburg)
    Celebrate Computer Science Education Week On December 4th with our very first Family Code Night! Your child may have participated in an Hour of Code activity in the past. Hour of Code is an opportunity for every student to try computer science for one hour. Now is your chance to participate in similar coding activities with your child in an environment that encourages problem solving, innovation and collaboration. Join us!
  • John Doedyns Elementary (San Juan)
    The entire district is taking part in this.
  • Joint Educational Facilities (Washington)
    This event will host diverse age groups (K- Senior Citizens)
  • Junior Agent Academy (Kokomo)
    Junior Agent Academy is a day care for students 6 months ~ 12. We are powered by FoodPrecinct.com. We are a child care operation for restaurant workers by restaurant workers. We offer extended hours for the parents who work late restaurant hours. We are the only daycare I’m the city to our knowledge participating in the hour of code. It is our mission to introduce kids to coding at the youngest age possible so they can have a head start in this technical savvy world that we live in.
  • K12.com/ I teach my son at home in online public school. My son wants a robot.
    This is a special event because I have a 5 year old who wants to learn coding and I know that he will succeed in coding a robot and everything that he puts his hands to do. It would be great to have the support of others in this venture. He and I are beginners in coding and at the very beginning. I think that it will be a venture that will take him very far in life. :)
  • Kansas City STEM Alliance (Kansas City)
    DST Systems is hosting 60 upper elementary girls from the urban core in Kansas City. This is their 2nd year to host girls during Computer Science Education Week as part of our regional initiative called GIrls in Tech KC.
  • Kansas City STEM Alliance (Kansas City)
    DST Systems is hosting an Hour of Code as part of our regional Girls in Tech KC initiative during Computer Science Education Week.
  • Kansas City STEM Alliance (Kansas City)
    This is the 3rd year that the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has joined in the GIrls in Tech KC initiative and is hosting an Hour of Code with female mentors during Computer Science Education Week.
  • Kansas City STEM Alliance (Kansas City)
    This is the 3rd year that Cerner has joined in the GIrls in Tech KC initiative and is hosting an Hour of Code with female mentors during Computer Science Education Week. Girls from Hickman Mills School District will join female mentors from Cerner at this event.
  • Kansas City STEM Alliance (Kansas City)
    This is the 3rd year that Cerner at their Continuous Campus has joined in the GIrls in Tech KC initiative and is hosting an Hour of Code with female mentors during Computer Science Education Week. Girls from Kansas City Kansas will be hosted at this event.
  • Kansas City STEM Alliance (Kansas City)
    This is the 3rd year that Commerce Bank of Kansas City has joined in the GIrls in Tech KC initiative and is hosting an Hour of Code with female mentors during Computer Science Education Week. 100 girls from North Kansas City School District will be hosted at the bank for this event.
  • Kansas City STEM Alliance (Kansas City)
    This is the 1st year that UMKC School of Computing and Engineering Alumnae Group has joined in the GIrls in Tech KC initiative and is hosting an Hour of Code with alums at the KC Engineering Zone with girls from the Grandview School District during Computer Science Education Week.
  • KIPP Empower Academy (Los Angeles)
    The Hour of Code is an event that our entire student population looks forward to every year. We have students from grades Kindergarten through 4th grade that learn to code. We also invite parents and family members to code together during Hour of Code Family Night.
  • Laidlaw Elementary (Western Springs)
    The district participates, coding club does special events, classrooms continue to work on hour of code.
  • Lancaster ISD (Lancaster)
    We will host an entire event throughout the district on December 5
  • Learn To Program, Roanoke (Roanoke)
    This session will be geared towards Educators and Parents that want to extend Hour of Code to the classroom and/or home schooling.
  • Lilian J. Rice Elementary (Chula Vista)
    We'll have 100% participation from Kindergarten up to 6th grade, also incorporating music within coding.
  • Mark Twain Primary School (Kankakee)
    We will invite our mayor, superintendent, board members, and parents to assist.
  • MassTLC Education Foundation - Technovation Kickoff (Boston)
    This is the kickoff event for the Technovation Challenge in Massachusetts. https://tv2018-kickoff.eventbrite.com/
  • Math Plus Academy - Powell (Powell)
    This will be a paired coding event where parents learn to code with their kids.
  • Mayfair Laboratory School (Baton Rouge)
    Our robotics team will have a special assembly in the gym where we show our students in all classes, K through seven, our coding skills. We will also show videos about how Coding can help students like them in the future and their jobs. Our fifth, sixth, and seventh graders will have the opportunity to work with our robotics team to design and build robots that they can code.
  • McCracken County Public Library (Paducah)
    Our event will be open to the public! We have not worked out all the details but we hope to do an hour a week during the month of December.
  • Meridian Library District - unBound (Meridian)
    We will be bringing in other computer science education champions in our community, such as the STEM Action Center and the STEM Bus. Our event will run 3 hours, and in addition to computers available for Hour of Code, we will have different educational toys and experiences. We will also be providing pizza for coders!
  • Metro Community Development Corporation (Buffalo)
    This event will be held at an inner city community center. That is striving to provide resources to under resourced community.
  • mindSpark Learning and Colorado Technology Association (CTA) (Denver)
    Event will include industry speakers, local politician, possible news coverage, Hour of Code activities, unplugged activities, robotics stations and more.
  • Ministry Of Education (Phoenix)
    This is one of the biggest coding challenge which will take place in UAE. All Government schools across UAE will participate in Hour of Code.
  • Molly Pruitt Public Library @ Roosevelt High School (San Antonio)
    I am going to change up my teen time to include adults. My teens will show adults what the basics of coding looks like.
  • Moms Can: Code (Storm Lake)
    Moms all over the world will join us on Friday, December 8th for an Hour of Code.
  • Monroe County Public Library (Bloomington)
    Come participate in the worldwide effort to celebrate computer science with fun, interactive programming activities for all ages and skill levels like LEGO Mindstorms; robot demonstrations from local FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3494, The Quadrangles; Makey Makeys and coding themed crafts! In addition to gadgets, there will be snacks, button making, and more!
  • Mott Public Library (Mott)
    Mott's Hour of Code involves a multi-generational cross section of the community. Seniors to Toddlers, Parents, Grandparents, Students and Preschoolers will participate in challenges, learning and sharing for One Hour of Code.
  • Mount Olive School District (Mount Olive Township)
    We have done the Hour of Code for the past four years and our high school students are the teachers for the elementary students, introducing the day and how to play the games for the entire K-5 population (about 3000 kids).
  • Nancy Cory Elementary (Lancaster)
    Most of the schools in our district will be participating in this event.. The students have fun being engage in the technology they love doing.
  • NASA (Houston)
    We are going to tell people to make a game base on NASA using code
  • Nelson Keyspot of Philadelphia Parks and Rec. (Philadelphia)
    My users are local youth, and this helps to inspire them to learn computer code.
  • New Caney ISD (New Caney)
    This event will involve the entire community and school district. We are a fast growth school district located approximately 30 miles north of Houston. Approximately 65% of our students of low SES. We are beginning our fourth year of 1:1 with Chromebooks for all of our students in grades 3-12 and participating in the Hour of Code. This has been game changing for our kids! It has literally opened the world for our students! All of our campuses do Hour of Code activities and we host one big culminating activity at our Community Room for students and parents in grades PK-12. It is awesome to see everyone come together for a couple of hours of coding.
  • New Horizons Elementary School (Wellington)
    Family Code Night
  • New Mexico TechWorks (Santa Fe)
    As a TechHire community, we are hosting a community-wide Hour of Code event including more than 100 businesses, civic organizations, and area schools, as well as our Congressional representatives and government leaders.
  • North Brookfield Public Schools (North Brookfield)
    Both the elementary school and jr./sr. high school are taking part in the Hour of Code. They are the two schools within our district.
  • Northside ISD After School Enrichment Programs (San Antonio)
    Our entire After School Programs will participate for an hour (about 10,000 students)
  • Ossining High School (Ossining)
    This will be OHS' 6th annual Day of Code which will include Labs, Round Table Discussions, Coding and Robotics demos, and special guest speakers
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland)
    80-90 students from two high schools will participate in activities with Computing professionals from across the national laboratory around a theme of computing in disaster response. Goal of the event is for students to see the wide variety of careers in computing. scheduled activities include weather data with a Raspberry Pi, using the Circuit Playground as a tachometer (measure wind speed), a breakout room type experience solving puzzles (cyber security and disaster response with other computing clues), a virtual reality experience/tour and lunch with computing professionals.
  • Palestine Public Library (Palestine)
    The library has started a Gamer’s Night every Thursday where Junior High students learn to code.
  • Park Glen Elementary (Fort Worth)
    We invite the parents to join their students during their hour of code time.
  • Peters Township Public Library (Venetia)
    Maker Monday in the Youth Services Dept. December 4th 4:00pm
  • Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD (Pharr)
    The district will be involved in this year's PSJA Week Of Code (#PSJAcodes). Various events will take place and the RGV Tech Bus and PSJA Technology Clubs will be participating. All libraries will have events at their perspective campuses showcasing their school's coding endeavors.
  • Pioneer (Escondido)
    The entire school will be programing using technology or unplug activities. We will invite the high school competition team to do an assembly to launch the event. Members of the community will be invited to speak via internet about their programming job. A robotic club will be created to compete locally, or at state level with weekly meeting. We will offer a coding class after school 3 days a week for students grades 3-5
  • Playmates Preschools & Child Development Centers Inc. (Huntington)
    Playmates Child Development Center will be hosting an Hour of Code event on Friday, December the 8th from 5pm to 8pm EST. All ages welcome to attend! Snacks, drinks, unplugged activities, plugged activities, and take home crafts will be provided. Come join us at any any point between 5pm and 8pm. It will take about an hour and half to complete all activities.
  • Project Lead (Catonsville)
    The Maryland chapter of Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA-MD) will provide leadership to roll out Family Code Nights in Maryland and provide complementary activities to galvanize the momentum generated. The Family Code Night event at Hillcrest Elementary will kick-off our initiative. In addition to families working together on Code.org puzzles, we also will invite prospective presenters and organizers to attend a train-the-training session following the model Family Code Night. Additionally, CSTA-MD will provide leadership, training, incentives, and follow-up to strengthen the impact of these events. The Family Code Nights provide a great foot in the door with promising stakeholders. To keep the momentum going, we will: • Provide teachers with an electronic forum (professional learning community) • Facilitate subsequent opportunities for teachers to showcase their lessons learned • Encourage teachers to continue their professional development by attending the Code.org’s Computer Science Fundamentals professional development and/or annual Maryland Computing Education Summit. For PTAs and volunteers, we will: • Provide a portal of resources for coding clubs and STEM enrichment • Disseminate the PTA Action Guide (a planning template for expanding Computer Science opportunities out-of-school or at local school) • Facilitate a webinar where Family Code Night leaders from host schools can discuss their questions about promoting effective Computer Science for children Eventually, the grass-roots efforts of this project may mobilize communities to participate in broader advocacy in hopes of eventually achieving Computer Science for all.
  • Reach2Teach (Portland)
    This event caters to African-Americans from the inner city. We serve underprivelaged individuals that are eager to learn!
  • Red Cross Elementary (Glasgow)
    This will be the first Hour of Code event in our school and our community. Our goal at RCE is to involve as many stakeholders as possible. We plan to go BIG and invite all students, families, community partners of commerce and industry, and elected officials to a community-wide event.
  • Regional School District 12 (Litchfield County)
    Our entire school district plans events around the HoC every year.
  • Republic Middle School (Republic)
    My AP Computer Science Principles students are traveling to our middle school to teach all sixth grade Social Studies students an Hour of Code.
  • Ronald Reagan Computer Science (San Antonio)
    I take over 14 of my AP and Pre-AP Computer Science High School Students and spend the entire day at two elementary schools. In our 4th year, we traditionally mentor over 350+ elementary students during our one-day Hour of Code events! Administrators and Teachers at all of our campuses support our efforts with rotating the elementary students through "Hour of Code Class Rooms" every hour, as well as making sure my own students do not get behind! It is a special event for both educators and students. We are excited about this year and cannot wait to get out there and inspire again!
  • San Diego County Office of Education (San Diego)
    We are hosting Knowledge Jams that are highlighting and sharing the impact of The Hour of Code, Code.org curriculum and resources, and Computer Science for All.
  • San Jose Public Library. Evergreen Branch (San Jose)
    Teen volunteers will help guide Adults, Children, and other teens through Hour of Code tutorials and invite teens to participate in a Coding Challenge. Girls Who Code Club members will be invited to share testimonials about why they like to learn to code.
  • Saratoga Springs Public Library (Saratoga Springs)
    Tuesday, December 5 from 11:00 - 12:30 Hour of Code for Adults! The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of people in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere, can participate in an Hour of Code. Code.org is the most popular coding platform in K-12 Education, but it’s not just for kids! It Uses a JavaScript library of commands called Blockly. From a menu, you will place building blocks on a webpage worksheet that will cause animated objects to move around. Hidden under the blocks you can view the JavaScript or code representing each movement. All levels of computer skills are welcome. Basic users will get practice with mouse and webpage navigation, more advanced users will have fun writing programs for video games and animations.
  • save a kid foudation (Ellenwood)
    it helps kids who have cancer survive.
  • Shelley High School (Shelley)
    We send kids from my courses to each school to assist students from Kindergarten to 12th grade promoting computer science through the Hour of Code. This is our 4th year promoting it throughout the district.
  • Southeast Community Development Corporation (Bell)
    This event is located inside the Bell Technology Center established by the Southeast Community Development Corporation. The technology center provides free Internet cafe, free printing, free basic computer classes, free youth technology classes, low-cost computer repair, and free chrome books with qualifying low-cost internet services. These services are provided in an effort to close the digital device in our community. Our goal with this event is to let our community know that these services are available.
  • Spark Afterschool Program (Declo)
    We will be competing against Burley Junior High School Spark Afterschool Program, Burley, ID. Our 2 schools are in the same school district: Cassia County School District #151. This is an afterschool program at each site that will be coding.
  • St. Gregory School (Maryville)
    This will be our fourth "Share the Code" event. Our Grade 1-8 students will invite an adult from the community to an evening event; students will introduce coding to the adult.
    Code Girl Day event focusing on middle school girls within the county. 5 different middle schools from different districts come together with volunteers from local businesses and universities to make this a unique learning event for middle school girls.
  • STEM for Kids (Rockton)
    Our event will be the first Hour of Code event in our community. We are a STEM company that teaches coding, among other things, to children K-8.
  • STEM Revolution (Meridian)
    STEM Revolution is passionate about all things STEM, including coding. With our 60 ft STEM Bus Mobile Lab, we visit more than 40,000 students a year, bringing 20+ hands-on exhibits and an explosive science show that inspires a passion for STEM in every school we visit. This is STEM Revolution's third year of partnering with the Meridian Library District unBound to bring Hour of Code to the greater Boise area. This event welcomes more than 75 students and families with exclusive access to the well-known STEM Bus. After completing their Hour of Code, students climb aboard the STEM Bus to see first-hand where coding comes into play in a variety of fields from virtual reality to robotics. STEM Revolution loves partnering with unBound because it is more than a library; it's a fully integrated maker space that encourages students and families to come together to explore, design, and create. Though this event may not be the biggest; it just might be one of the best at putting a context around what students can do with their developing coding skills. Coding is an essential skill for success in any 21st century career, therefore we strive to empower students through the STEM Bus to take their Hour of Code one step further by applying their skills directly to what they are passionate about. This Hour of Code event is so unique and we would love this event to be highlighted as a special event. It occurs December 6th 4-7 pm at Meridian Library unBound (Idaho). Presented is a link that highlights the STEM Bus: https://vimeo.com/235027498 For any questions please contact: sonja@stemrevolution.org Thank you for your consideration.
  • STEM Saturday (Billings)
    We will be having a day long STEM event that focuses on coding. There will be approximately 100 students grades 3-8 and they will rotate to different rooms. My room will be focused on the Hour of Code and I'll do three rotations. We will have a great lunch, computer gurus from our community, our CS Discoveries teachers and students there to help and eager kiddos.
  • stem workshop (Rome)
    Over a dozen students will join together and our communities Sylvan learning Center tomorrow, on Black Friday, for a stem workshop including Coding, robotics, and engineering.
  • steven foster (Lakewood)
    he really loves to code so i went on code.org to teach him more about coding.
  • Taste Fully Done (Bonanza)
    After reading over documents concerning this movement, I see Oregon has little participation. I am willing to host this Hour of Code, to bring awareness in our community. However, I do not have the equipment at hand to carry out this participation. What I do have is the location, willingness and extreme enthusiasm to host such an event. I am a mother of five wonderful people and five grand children. I have some coding background and would be happy to assist in any capacity.
  • Tech Incubator at QC (Queens)
  • TEKStart (Pittsburgh)
    It's a family affair. We're inviting families to dance party that will turn our steps into lines of code.
  • The Grand Ledge Fledge, LLC (Grand Ledge)
    We will have all ages involved in the hour of code, talks regarding IOT, blockchain development, autonomous vehicles, the ethics of data science, etc. There will be food and beverages, contests, and connections to next steps for education, careers, and projects. We will also emphasize marketing to the underserved - females, LBGTQ and people of color.
  • The Sunrise Association / Sunrise On Wheels / Sunrise STEAM Shack (New York)
    CHILDREN WITH CANCER PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL HOUR OF CODE NY, NY… When a child has cancer, they spend extended time in the hospital and out-patient clinics. Missing a tremendous amount of school due to their compromised immune system, they often fall behind their peers. In 2006, Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island became the first day camp in the world for children with cancer and their siblings, free of charge.  While Sunrise has brought back the magic of childhood, a new program was introduced this summer​ — The Sunrise S.T.E.A.M. Shack --to help build children’s futures beyond cancer. As a participant in the Hour of Code -- a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries -- the Sunrise Association is rolling S.T.E.A.M. Shack activities into NY metropolitan hospitals, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Cohen's Children's Hospital, through its innovative Sunrise on Wheels program, that provides a day filled with Sunrise camp fun to children awaiting treatment in pediatric oncology units of participating hospitals. Volunteers wheel a rainbow trunk bursting with toys, games and activities right into many of our affiliated hospitals and change what could have been a bleak and depressing day into a day of camp fun! Now, children can keep up with their peers and and will have the opportunity to build their own computers and learn to code on Kano computer kits. Inspired by a challenge from a six-year-old, Kano creates computer and coding kids for all ages, all over the world. Its mission is to make technology as simple and fun to create as it is to consumer. Joanna Bersin, Kano’s Head of Education, said, “Kano is excited to support the Sunrise on Wheels program and empower these children with creative computing.” # # # Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island is a proud member of the Sunrise Association, whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings world-wide, through the creation of Day Camps, Year-Round Programs and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, all offered free of charge.  For more information: S.T.E.A.M Shack: David Miller - David@STEAMShack.org Website: http://www.STEAMShack.org Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island: Judy Fishkind, VP of Marketing, Sunrise Association, 516.996.9042 or judy.fishkind@sunriseassociation.org http://sunrisedaycamp-longisland.org/ http://sunriseassociation.org
  • Thornell Road Elementary (Pittsford)
    We invite a local business to do a presentation at a kick-off assembly. We also invite our local politicians (our turn has been good in the past). We have every kiddo, grades K-5 coding, with help from our HS students.
  • Trabuco Elementary (Trabuco Canyon)
    We have a parent from the community who comes in to make the event more meaningful. Teachers would like to extent the opportunity to an after school coding club.
  • University of Idaho Randall Women in Science (Moscow)
    December 4-10 is Computer Science Education Week, so please join the University of Idaho Randall Women in Science, IBEST (Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies), and the Department of Computer Science for the documentary "CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap"! This documentary exposes the dearth of American female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap. CODE raises the question: what would society gain from having more women and minorities code. To view the trailer: https://www.codedoc.co/ This event is FREE. Doors open at 6:30 pm show starts at 7 pm Rated NR: suggestive language not appropriate for young audiences Books available for purchase in lobby from Bookpeople of Moscow on women in STEM.
  • University of Wyoming, College of Engineering and Applied Science (Centennial)
    Staff and students from the University of Wyoming, College of Engineering and Applied Science will be visiting schools in the following communities to engage K-12 students in "unplugged" computer science activities; Centennial, Hanna, Laramie, and Douglas. I
  • USC Viterbi School of Engineering (Los Angeles)
    USC Viterbi School of Engineering hosts its annual Code Dojo outreach events on 12/4 - 12/5, including an on-campus Hour of Code workshop with 25 students from Saint Mary's Academy (Inglewood, CA) led by USC students who are alumni of Girls Who Code plus virtual outreach by USC coding students to 40 classrooms throughout Los Angeles County encouraged to participate in Hour of Code. viterbipk12.usc.edu/code-dojo/
  • Utah County 4H (Provo)
    This is an hour of code for students ages 10-13. We will be learning to code our own google doodles!! We will also be programming fun and exciting microbits in the beautiful google fiber space.
  • Utah State Board of Education (Salt Lake City)
    This event will be held at the State Capitol with more than 80 persons from legislature, State Education Agency, and other key persons within the state.
  • Vincennes University IT Programs (Fort Branch)
    College students from Vincennes University majoring in Information Technology will host over 150 5th grade students on Thursday, December 7th. Beyond coding on code.org, we will engage kids in cyber security, video game design and development, programming the Alexa App, and PC hardware components. This will be our 4th annual event! This is a class project in our B.S. Degree Course - IT Project Management. Students plan and execute this project using PMBOK project management methodology. This is an AWESOME event each year!
  • Wakulla 4-H (Crawfordville)
    Wakulla 4-H is a county-wide program. We will be partnering with the local school district, charter and private schools, as well as offering this program to home-school students. We plan to highlight Hour of Code for the entire time between December 4-10 and ask students and parents to pledge to participate virtually as well as in real life. We will be encouraging families to post photos with a #4HCodes hashtag.
  • Washington Elementary (Wenatchee)
    Members of the local community college will attend. This college is offering a 4 year degree in computer science. Also the Apple STEM Network, GWATA and the Wenatchee Education Association.
  • Waterford School District (Waterford Township)
    We have after school events at each of our 9 elementary buildings and two middle schools. Along with during the day happenings at all three of our high schools. During the school year we offer many elective courses at the secondary level. As well as coding camps during our annual WSD Summer of STEAM offerings.
  • Wilson School District (Reading)
    We have our HS computer science kids teach unplugged and plugged activities in our middle schools and elementary schools.
  • YouthLink (Seneca)
    Join YouthLink for “Code Xtreme - Hour of Code Community Event”, a free, fun, family-friendly learning activity for students, parents, grandparents, businesses, churches, organizations, etc. on Friday, December 8th from 4:00PM - 7:00PM at the YouthLink Training Center. No experience is required. Ages 7 - 107!
  • Zaniac (Asheville)
    We will be offering a free Hour of Code each day of Computer Science Education Week for free. Blockly on Monday. Scratch Tuesday. Python Wednesday. Java Thursday. Web Design Friday. For FREE of course!
  • Zedu Plus (Las Vegas)
    It is an open space event, so parents and kids can walk in and understand what is Hour of Code and also Home educated kids can participate in groups.