Hour of Code Special Events — Nigeria

  • (Lagos)
    We have a number of schools that we work with and we plan to run an hour of code involving up 20 schools.
  • (Abeokuta)
  • iDux Academy (Lagos)
    We plan to train people from different age groups, including K5, K12, undergrads, and adults. We are a team of experienced programmers/trainers willing to expose many people to the programming world during the Computer Science Week.
  • LearnPlayandGrow (Lagos)
    holding a free code event for kids between ages 4-14yrs in my community to raise awareness of computer literacy. other activities will include lego building and graphic design.
  • Microsoft Nigeria (Lagos)
    This is a special Facilitator Readiness program from 27th -29th November ahead of the 4th-10th December delivery
    We will involve private and public schools students in our immediate environment to be trained in basic computer science and internet of things technology.
  • Potter's Wheel Institute (Ilorin)
    Our program would involve undergraduates, graduates, high school, middle school and elementary school students. It is transcending all levels of education simultaneously at the same venue.
  • SeedDEV (Akure)
    These events would have our team train 800 kids/teenagers and introduce to computer programming. Most of these kids are growing up in rural areas, hence they have never worked with computers, are not aware of it's capabilities and are also ignorant of the career path in computing.
  • SOHO Foundation (Katsina)
    First time event, to promote coding in a largely agrarian society.
  • Tech4Kids (Kwamba)
    we intend to have a total of about 1,000 young people over the space of the computer science week take part in the Hour of Code. Plus it will serve as the current largest tech gathering for young people in these states. we were also privileged to host the Hour of code last year in Ondo state Nigeria, training about 200 young people.
  • Trippinz Care Inc (Benin City)
    Host a volunteer program for the community
  • United for Education Foundation and Accenture Nigeria (Lagos)
    It's a collaborative effort with multinational company. It's their second year in a row and specifically for primary 5 pupils from Kuramo Primary School. (A public primary school). Pupils will be mobilised from school to the premises of Accenture for the day in 2 batches scheduled for 2 days. I have seen the transformation in the pupils and our volunteers who help to teach and facilitate the hour of code campaign. It's inspiring.
  • ZionTech
    It will be held in various schools during the code week. We would involve several volunteers