Uključi svoju zajednicu u Čas Kodiranja

1. Reci svima

Tell your friends about the #HourOfCode!

2. Pitajte cijelu školu da ugoste Sat programiranja

Send this email to your principal and challenge every classroom at your school to sign up.

3. Pitajte svog poslodavca da se uključite

Send this email to your manager or company's CEO.

4. Promote Hour of Code in your community

Recruit a local group— boy/girl scouts club, church, university, veterans group, labor union, or even some friends. Ne morate biti u školi da naučite nove vještine. Use these posters, banners, stickers, videos and more for your own event.

5. Pitajte lokalno izabranog u zajednici da podrži Sata programiranja

Send this email to your local representatives, city council, or school board and invite them to visit your school for the Hour of Code. It can help build support for computer science in your area beyond one hour.