'Jam Kod' diselia oleh Jawatankuasa Penasihat dan Jawatankuasa Pemantauan Minggu Pendidikan Sains Komputer dan Jam Kod.

Jawatankuasa Penasihat terdiri daripada wakil-wakil dari K-12, ahli-ahli akademik, badan-badan keuntungan dan bukan keuntungan, serta badan-badan antarabangsa. Jawatankuasa ini membentuk strategi untuk kempen Jam Kod.

The Review Committee is composed of 15 educators across K-12 grade bands that assess and recommend activities using the Advisory Committee's rubric. These educators review student-led activities and teacher-led lesson plans submitted by hundreds of activity partners, evaluating the activities' educational value, ability to engage learners, and potential appeal to diverse sets of students.

Both committees' work and dedication have contributed to the success of the Hour of Code and its vision of offering an introduction to computer science for every student.

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