Wie Sie Ihre gesamte Community einbeziehen können

Zeigen Sie Ihrem Land, Bezirk oder Ihrer Stadt Ihr Engagement für die Informatik

Haben Sie einen gewählten Verantwortlichen (Politiker) zu Ihrer Stunde des Codes eingeladen?

Sehen Sie sich unser Toolkit an mit allen Informationen an, die Sie benötigen, um Ihren Besuch und Ihre Veranstaltung großartig zu gestalten!

Von links nach rechts: Gouverneure aus Arkansas, North Carolina und Arizona, die an einer Hour of Code teilnehmen.

Lass jede Schule und jeden Schülerin und jeden Schüler an der "Hour of Code" teilnehmen!

1. Lesen Sie unsere kurze Einleitung

See why computer science education is important, and how you can help the effort by supporting the Hour of Code.

2. Recruit local schools and districts

Use this email or this blurb as a starting point, and take a look at this how-to for schools and districts.

3. Host an Hour of Code event

See our event how-to guide for a sample run of show, media outreach kit, and other event-planning resources. Hosting an event is a great way to promote the Hour of Code and increase participation.

4. Attend an event during Computer Science Education Week (10. - 25. Okt)

Find classrooms and schools participating in your district, city, or state.

5. Issue a proclamation or resolution

See this sample resolution supportive of Computer Science Education Week and its goals that could be used by state and local legislators.

6. Draft an op-ed

Consider publishing an opinion piece in your local paper. See this sample op-ed supporting Computer Science Education Week and its goals.

7. Spread the word

Share the Hour of Code video on Facebook and talk about your support on Twitter. Share pictures of events or a video of you and other adults doing the Hour of Code. Use the hashtag #HourOfCode so Code.org (@code.org) can see it and promote the support. Or, use these sample tweets:

  • Every student, boy or girl, should have the chance to learn computer science. Join us in starting with one #HourOfCode https://hourofcode.com
  • Today, we're proud to join the Hour of Code movement. Are you in? #HourOfCode https://hourofcode.com

8. Issue a press release

Use this sample as a guide.

9. Connect locally

Learn more about computer science education in your state. Sign the petition there and you’ll get updates on Code.org's local, state, and federal advocacy efforts.