How to do an Hour of Code with your child

尝试编程一小时是向你的孩子(也许是第一次)介绍计算机科学的简单而有趣的方式。 Not only is computer science foundational to all fields of study, but recent studies show: children who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are 17% more likely to enroll in college.

你可以和全球数千万学生一起参加这个全球性的活动。 我们可以一起激发孩子们的学习热情,打破陈规陋习,帮助孩子们发现新的兴趣。 最重要的是,你已经拥有了将“编程一小时”带入家中所需的一切!


编程一小时执行起来非常简单—即使是初学者也能胜任。 你不需要有计算机科学或教学经验,就能为你的孩子提供一个既能让他们学习又能让他们欢笑的有趣活动。

You can try the Hour of Code with a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, or completely unplugged! Here's how to get started.

1) 探索活动和教程。

There are countless Hour of Code activities available to you if you’re working on a computer with internet access. 我们鼓励你提前看看一些选择,这样你就可以帮助指导孩子们进行他们喜欢的练习。



If you’ll be using limited or no technology, you can filter Hour of Code activities by selecting “No computers or devices” in the Classroom technology section.

You can also check out these short videos for more ideas on how to facilitate an unplugged activity at home!

2) 提前做好准备



Consider providing each of your children with headphones if they’ll be working on separate devices. That way, they’ll be able to play activities with sound without distracting each other.

If you’ll only be using one device, or simply want to make your Hour of Code more interactive, try pair programming. 结对编程活动鼓励孩子们一起工作。 当他们结成伙伴时,他们会互相帮助解决问题。 他们将明白编程也是一种社交和协作。


This is a great opportunity to add a new type of activity to your child’s day. You can extend the fun beyond one tutorial with these suggestions:

  • Show them an inspirational video that features one of their favorite role models
  • Inspire them with a video on one of the many careers that computer science skills can lead to
  • Order some swag! 你可以选择 T 恤、贴纸、甚至临时纹身。 马上与他们分享,让他们兴奋起来,或者将其作为特别奖品,在“一小时玩程序”结束时颁发。

3) 给孩子介绍计算机科学的技巧

It’s okay if both you and your child are brand new to computer science. Here are some ideas to introduce your Hour of Code activity and get you both thinking about CS:

  • 解释技术如何影响我们的生活,并举出你的孩子可能感兴趣的具体例子。 例如,你可以谈论医学或虚拟联机。 Also, check out for suggested discussion questions.
  • 一起列出日常中使用程序代码才能正常工作的事情。

Have young women at home?

这里是我们的建议,可以帮助激发她们对计算机科学的兴趣。 Pro-tip: You can start just by telling them they’d be great at it!


Lastly, when your child comes across difficulties it's okay to respond: - “I don’t know. Let’s figure this out together.” - “Technology doesn’t always work out the way we want.” - “Learning to program is like learning a new language; you won’t be fluent right away.”

Computer science is all about learning how to “debug” situations that didn’t turn out the way we thought they would. Together, you and your child can think of creative ways to solve the problem!

4) 别忘了庆祝!

The Hour of Code is a global event, and your family deserves to celebrate. Here are some ways to make your Hour of Code extra special:


Computer science doesn’t have to end with the Hour of Code! 虽然90%的家长都希望自己的孩子学习计算机科学,但大多数学校却依然没有教授这门课程。 为了帮助大家,我们的课程都是基于网络的,永久免费。 Learn how to bring CS to your child’s school today.