The Hour of Code — prizes for every organizer

Every organizer wins a thank you gift-code

Every educator who hosts an Hour of Code for students will receive 10 GB of Dropbox space or $10 Skype credit as a thank you gift!

Lucky classrooms win a video chat with a guest speaker!

50 lucky classrooms will be invited to join a video chat to celebrate the Hour of Code during December 8-14. Your students will be able to ask questions and chat with technology-industry leaders. Check out last year’s chats with Bill Gates, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki of Google and Gabe Newell of Valve.

Lucky schools win a class-set of laptops (or $10,000 for other technology)

One lucky school in every U.S. state (+ Washington D.C.) will win $10,000 worth of technology. Organize the Hour of Code for every student in your school to qualify. Fill out the form below to apply.

Hardware Prize application form:

If you’ve signed up your entire school to participate in the Hour of Code, enter to win a class-set of laptops (or $10,000 for other technology) for your school! Only one teacher needs to apply for your entire school.

Submit a simple schedule of how you plan to organize every student to do the Hour of Code at your school. See a sample plan: PDF | Word

More questions about prizes?

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